Call of Duty Mobile Weapons Time to Kill List

In Call of Duty Mobile, Weapons with the lowest ttk can kill the enemy the fastest. Time to kill calculate from the time you fire a weapon to a time you eliminate an enemy.

Here are all weapons time to kill updated in 2023, you can find each weapon time to kill and their prime range.

Assault Rifle Time to Kill list

  • Oden: 0.146s up to 25 meters.
  • Krig 6: 0.184s u to 17 meters.
  • EM2: 0.224s up to 20 meters.
  • Kilo 141: 0.265s up to 23 meters.
  • Type 25: 0.21s up to 10 meters.
  • AK117: 0.234s up to 20 meters.
  • AK-47: 0.218s up to 20 meters.
  • ASM10: 0.218s up to 14 meters.
  • M4: 0.264s up to 22 meters.
  • BK57: 0.273s up to 24 meters.
  • LK24: 0.285s up to 38 meters.
  • ICR-1: 0.2s up to 35 meters.
  • Man-O-War: 0.24s up to 22 meters.
  • KN-44: 0.288s up to 40 meters.
  • HBRa3: 0.257s up to 28 meters.
  • HVK-30: 0.252s up to 23 meters.
  • DR-H: 0.316s up to 22 meters.
  • Peacekeeper MK2: 0.276s up to 23 meters.
  • FR.556: 0.269s up to 26 meters.
  • AS VAL: 0.225s up to 20 meters.
  • CR-56 AMAX: 0.255s up to 28 meters.
  • M13: 0.273s up to 22 meters.
  • Swordfish: N/A.
  • M16: N/A.

Oden and Krig 6 has the fastest time to kill in assault rifle category of COD Mobile.

SMG Time to Kill list

  • Pharo: 0.136s up to 8 meters.
  • Fennec: 0.162s up to 13 meters.
  • RUS-79U: 0.24s up to 14 meters.
  • Chicom: 0.15s up to 8 meters.
  • PDW-57: 0.24s up to 16 meters.
  • Razorback: 0.284s up to 28 meters.
  • MSMC: 0.195s up to 7 meters.
  • HG 40: 0.271s up to 20 meters.
  • GKS:  0.2s up to 16 meters.
  • Cordite: 0.225s up to 18 meters.
  • QQ9: 0.217s up to 15 meters.
  • AGR 556: 0.24s up to 14 meters.
  • QXR: 0.207s up to 15 meters.
  • PP19 Bizon: 0.185s up to 8 meters.
  • MX9: 0.21s up to 11 meters.
  • CBR4: 0.225s up to 17 meters.
  • PPSh-41: 0.22s up to 16 meters.
  • MAC-10: 0.2s up to 14 meters.
  • KSP 45: 0.168s up to 11 meters.
  • Switchblade X9: 0.213s up to 15 meters.
  • LAPA: 0.172s up to 16 meters.

Pharo and Fennec seems to have the lowest time to kill in SMG category, however the lack of rank make the ttk inceased very quicker than other guns.

LMGs Time to Kill list

  • UL736: 0.194s up to 32 meters.
  • S36: 0.24s up to 14 meters.
  • PKM: 0.19s up to 25 meters.
  • RPD: 0.273s up to 25 meters.
  • M4LMG: 0.286s up to 28 meters.
  • Chopper: 0.24s up to 16 meters.
  • Hades: 0.277s up to 32 meters.
  • Holger 26: 0.255s up to 24 meters. 

The PKM is the fastest time to kill lmg in COD Mobile, it has as low ttk as smg so this gun is pretty good to use for close to mid range.

Shotgun Weapons Time to Kill list

  • HS0405: 0.12s
  • Striker: 0.17s
  • By15: 0.23s
  • HS2126: 0.26s

If you get bored of using fully automatic weapon and wanted to change to a 1 shot kill weapon HS0405 shotgun is a good choice for you, but it is good only at close range combat.

Weapons Time To Kill Explained

Weapons Time to Kill or (TTK) is one way of showing which weapon is the best weapon to use by judging on the how fast the weapon can kill an enemy. 

Especially in Call of Duty Mobile which is a fast paced run and gun game,  knowing weapon ttk is very important. However, not all weapons that has the fastest time to kill can be easily use or control since some of it are lacked of accuracy, mobility, and range. 

To make it sound simple:

The weapon that has low time to kill can eliminate an enemy faster.

The weapon that has high time to kill will take longer time to eliminate an enemy.


Using weapons that can kill an enemy faster can helps you secure a kill easier. Once you reach high rank match you will see almost every players use similar weapons like AK117, DL Q33, Type25, S36 and more.

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