Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile Season 2 2023

Welcome to the truest Assault Rifle meta in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2. Find out top 10 best assault rifles to use in this season.

Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile Season 2

If you are trying to rank up, use any of the assault rifle in Meta, Runner-Up, and Challenger, these guns has good performance and fast time-to-kill.

If you just want to have fun, you can use Contender, Good, or Beyond, they are a fun assault rifles to use but can easily outclassed.

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Here are 10 best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile Season 2

  1. KN-44
  2. Kilo 141
  3. Krig 6
  4. Maddox
  5. AS VAL
  6. Peacekeeper MK2
  7. AK117
  8. CR-56 AMAX
  9. HVK-30
  10. ASM10

Each Assault Rifle has their own strength and weakness, down below we go through all the top 10 assault rifles and explain why they are leading the meta.

1. KN-44

The KN-44 is the best assault rifle and also the best gun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2. A very powerful gun for all ranges.


The KN-44 deal very high damage, up to 26 meters you can deal 34.8 damage when hitting the upper chest area and 43.5 when hitting headshot.

It has the fire interval of 96ms which you can eliminate enemies very quick in 26 meters, and right now, not a lot of assault rifles can do this.

Beside that the KN-44 is also very accurate because of it's low recoil, combine that with the fast mobility you can run n gun with this gun like a SMG.

2. Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 still stay on the top of the assault rifle meta, this old reliable gun is continue to dominating the range combat in Season 2.

Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 deal a great damage of 29 up to 16 meters when hitting at the upper chest area and 40.6 when you hit headshot.

The Kilo also has the fire interval of 88ms which make the gun very accurate and eliminate the enemy extremely quick especially at close range.

This gun also has very high mobility which is great for run n gun and for both aggressive and passive playstyle.

3. Krig 6

Ranking on the top 3 of Season 2 list is the Krig 6, despite getting nerfed the it's still a very good gun to use regardless, don't sleep on it.

Krig 6

The only nerfed the Krig 6 got is decreased ADS speed which cut down the aggressiveness of the gun, but that's alright the gun is still extremely powerful.

The Krig 6 still deal 30 damage to the upper chest area up to 26 meters, only 4 damage less than the KN-44.

With the fire interval of 92ms that gun is on par with the KN-44, but you just need to play a little less aggressive with this gun.

4. Maddox

Ranking number four on the list is the Maddox assault rifle, the newest AR on the block that just release in this season.


It's quite rare for a brand new gun that just release to make the top 10 list, let alone top 5. The Maddox is surprisingly good.

The Maddox is a great close range assault rifle that deal up to 27.5 damage in 16 meters, yes it lack in damage compare with the top 3 but it has very low recoil control.

Which is very to use and with our loadout, you can move around much better, it also has a fire interval of 83ms so the TTK of this gun is pretty quick.


The AS VAL ranked fifth spot in our list, a great assault rifle for aggressive playstyle, great gun but has moderate recoil.


The AS VAL deal 30.8 damage within 7.5 meters range with the fire interval of 75ms, this gun generate a very quick time to kill.

Great for rushing close quarter target and take them out without giving them time to react. But tough for mid range combat.

The gun has pretty high recoil which make mid to long range accuracy a little lower then the top 4, you will need to practice for quite sometime to get used to it.

6. Peacekeeper MK2

Standing on the 6th position on the list is the Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle, a high versatility gun to use for all ranges.

Peacekeeper MK2

The PK assault rifle is a pretty good gun to use if you get the correct build, but we already got you covered though so don't worry.

When it come to damage this gun deal 27.6 dmg at the upper chest area and 29.76 headshot up to 23 meters, we suggest you just try to hit the upper chest.

Recoil wise, the PK has a controllable recoil, easy for hitting close to mid range target and with our build you will feels even more accurate.

7. AK117

The AK117 is the seventh best assault rifle to use in Season 2, this gun just got buffed, check it down below.


The AK117 got a range increased which is pretty good since it's lack some range back in the previous seasons.

Now the AK117 deal up to 27.6 damage when hitting the upper chest area and 29.9 headshot damage up to 20 meters similar damage with the PK2.

When it come to recoil control, the AK117 is widely known as the lowest recoil gun to use so the gun can be very accurate in close to mid range.

8. CR-56 AMAX

Ranking number 8th we put the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle, great close to mid range gun to use in Season 2.


The CR-56 AMAX is a good gun to use, it's known as a great recoil control assault rifle to use for close to mid range gunfight.

Damage wise, the CR-56 AMAX deal 32.5 dmg when hitting the upper chest area and 37.5 within the 16 meters range.

It's also has a fire interval of 85ms which is pretty fast to eliminate an enemy especially when it come to close range enemies.

9. HVK-30

The HVK-30 is a good close range assault rifle to use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2, it's pretty good and worth a try.


The HVK-30 assault rifle deal up to 28.8 damage when hitting the upper chest area and 31.2 headshot damage within 14 meters.

Recoil wise, the HVK-30 has pretty moderate recoil control, despite dealing high damage you might required some time to get used to the recoil bounce.

This gun also has a fire interval of 84ms which can generate a pretty fast time to kill for a close range gunfight.

10. ASM10

The ASM10 rank as the bottom of our top 10 assault rifle list in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2. A pretty good assault rifle overall.


The ASM10 is a high damage that deal 34 damage to the upper chest area and 40.8 headshot damage up to 16 meters range which is pretty good.

Recoil wise, the ASM10 has pretty moderate recoil so medium to long range can be hard to hit your target, you might required some time to get used it.

To Wrap Up our Season 2 Meta List

In short, The Season 2 assault rifle meta consist of a high damage, fast TTK, and low recoil control like the KN-44, Kilo 141, and Krig 6.