How to Play Poco 2019-03-13

  • "After losing his fans to a rival band, Poco fills every waking moment trying to find the perfect riff to win it all back."

How to Play El Primo 2019-03-11

  • "El Primo throws a flurry of punches at his enemies. His Super is leaping elbow drop that deals damage to all caught underneath!"

How to Play Bo 2019-03-11

  • "Bo the Eagle Hunter is the greatest bowman the Tribes have ever known. His arrows are simply explosive!"

How to Play Brock 2019-03-11

  • "When Brock's not lighting up the battle with rockets, he's lighting up the dance floor with his smooth moves."

How to Play Bull 2019-03-07

  • Bull Blanco is like a bull in a China Shop. A bull with a double barrel shotgun. Bull is a Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 250 Trophies.

How to Play Colt 2019-03-07

  • "Town Sheriff and resident hair model, Colt enforces the law with long range accuracy and a mighty fine smile."

How to Play Nita 2019-03-07

  • "Nita strikes her enemies with a thunderous shockwave. Her Super summons a massive bear to fight at her side!"

How to Play Shelly 2019-03-06

  • "Shelly's spread-fire shotgun blasts the other team with buckshot. Her Super destroys cover and keeps her opponents at distance!"

Delightful Dancer 2019-03-05

  • Once there was a woman whose ancestors danced to celebrate the harvest. From the time she was young, her parents taught her the sacred dance, and ere long she was ready for the coming ceremony.

New World Escort 2019-03-05

  • It is YOU, of course! Ah, how wonderful that I was able to serve as your escort! "You are a curious man indeed, Orion. Still, I suppose that is a new world in its own way, so thank you for showing me."

The Davian Wetlands 2019-03-05

  • The Davian Wetlands are a beautiful ruin awash in the greens and blues of nature. Nestled north of the Aquapolis, they have been sealed away for many a year due to the most dangerous relics contained within.

Phantom 2019-03-04

  • Dragalia Lost Dragon Phantom: Shadow Class, Obtained as a 5 star, Max HP 224, Max STR 73, Skill is Thorny Spiral. Player can obtained it from the A Waltz with Fate Event.

Gilgamesh 2019-03-04

  • Dragalia Lost Dragon Gilgamesh: Light Class, Obtained as a 5 star, Max HP 371, Max STR 124, Skill is Subjugating Sword. Player can obtained it from the Summoning..

Jakob 2019-03-01

  • Dragolia Lost Jakob: Water, Lance, Defense, Obtained as a 3 stars, Max HP 748, Max STR 414, Skills: Chain Sting, Mercenary Guard.

Odetta 2019-03-01

  • Dragolia Lost Odetta: Light, Sword, Attack, Obtained as a 4 stars, Max HP 735, Max STR 486, Skills: Liberty Slash, Freedom Ring.

Felicia 2019-03-01

  • Dragolia Lost Felicia: Light, Staff, Healing, Obtained as a 4 stars, Max HP 745, Max STR 428, Skills: Heaven's Blessing, Cleansing Dance.

Albert 2019-03-01

  • Dragolia Lost Albert: Light, Sword, Attack, Obtained as a 5 stars, Max HP 758, Max STR 502, Skills: Lightning Burst, Thunderous Impulse.

Sniper's Allure 2019-02-26

  • My my! Quite the forward bunch of fiends, aren't we? Well, I can't refuse a little playtime. Now...who wants to be the first to get some tough love?

Promises in the Rain 2019-02-25

  • A man walks under a rainy sky as dark as fresh ink. He holds two dragon hatchlings in his arms to shield them from the freezing rain and takes comfort in the smiling innocence on their faces.

Fireside Gathering 2019-02-25

  • Among the molten, bubbling magma of the volcano, two fire dragons sit beside a rock table. One is Brunhilda (or Mym), while the other is Cerberus (with Coco and Mimi). It's time for a red-hot fireside gathering!

Trove of Knowledge 2019-02-25

  • Welcome to the Halidom's archives! They're full of dust, so most people keep their distance, but they're still a veritable mountain of knowledge. ...Hmm? What's that book, Xania?