PP-19 Bizon

Welcome to the PP-19 Bizon submachine gun weapon guide! This is the 5th submachine gun in PUBG MOBILE.

PP-19 Bizon new submachine gun.

PP-19 Bizon - Weapon Information

PP-19 or Bizon is a new submachine gun in PUBG Mobile version 0.13.5.

This weapon fires 9mm ammunition and can only be found in Erangel and Vikendi. PP-19 Bizon can be equipped with scopes from Red Dot Sight to 6x Scope and all muzzle accessories available for submachine guns. 

Weapon Advantages

The PP-19 has a large magazine size which gives it a robust suppressive fire ability and doesn't require a lot of attachment at all. It tends to have the advantage of a fully kitted weapon during the early game but these advantages come at cost of a slightly weaker performance later in the match.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Name:PP-19 Bizon
Ammunition Type:9mm
Magazine Size:53
Hit Damage:35
Fire  Rate:0.056
Reload Time:2.5s
Firing Modes:Single, Auto

The PP-19 Stats is based on in-game data.

Recommend Attachments for PP-19 Bizon

Here is my recommend attachment to use with PP-19 Bizon:

PP-19 Bizon submachine gun with atttachment.

SMG Compensator: Reduced the weapon recoil.

SMG Suppressor: Reduced the weapon sounds when firing.

Red Dot Sight: Good for close range.

3x Scope: Good for close and medium-range with an accurate reticle.

  • If you use the PP-19 for close-range combat try using it with red dot sight and smg compensator and it will be more accurate.
  • For the Medium range, a 3x Scope will fit the best because a bullet leads with the 3x reticle is accurate.

All Attachments for PP-19 Bizon

The list includes all attachments available for this weapon.

Red Dot Sight Attachment in PUBG Mobile.Red Dot SightHolographic Sight Attachment in PUBG Mobile.Holographic Sight
2x Scope Attachment in PUBG Mobile.2x Scope3x Scope Attachment in PUBG Mobile.3x Scope
4x Scope Attachment in PUBG Mobile.4x Scope6x Scope Attachment in PUBG Mobile.6x Scope
SMG Compensator Attachment in PUBG Mobile.SMG CompensatorSMG Flash hider Attachment in PUBG Mobile.SMG Flash hider
SMG Suppressor Attachment in PUBG Mobile.Smg Suppressor 

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