The Best Machine Pistol Loadout for COD Mobile

The Season 5 update, "Digital Dusk" bring a new secondary weapon to Call of Duty Mobile call the Machine Pistol. Find the best attachments down below.

COD Mobile Machine Pistol Guide

How to unlock Machine Pistol in COD Mobile

The player can unlock Machine pistol for free by reaching tier 21 in Season 5 Battle pass. For Epic skin version of the Machine pistol, the player need to buy the Premium battle pass and reach tier 50.

Best COD Mobile Machine Pistol Loadout Attachments

Machine PistolBest Attachments
MuzzleMarauder Flash Hider
BarrelVOD 140MM HE
Trigger ActionHair Trigger
Rear GripPine Tar Grip

This loadout turn the Machine Pistol into an Akimbo, reduces a lot of recoil control, boost hipfire bullet spread for more accuracy, and improve the fire interval make time to kill quicker in close quarters combat.

Best Machine Pistol Perks Combination

Perks usually build based on which primary weapon the player use, however here's a recommendation on a perk that build for Machine Pistol:

BlueHigh Alert

This perks allows the player to play more aggressive with the Machine Pistol thanks to Agile and reduces a heavy hit flinch after the loadout build thanks to toughness perk and lastly the High alert perk allows player to be more aware of surrounding and know where they are getting shot from.

Machine Pistol Skins List

Find all Machine Pistol skins in Call of Duty Mobile here featuring each skin name, rarity, and how to get.

Machine Pistol - Illuminous Fragments

COD Mobile Machine Pistol skin: Illuminous Fragments - zilliongamer

Rarity: Legendary

How to get Machine Pistol Illuminous Fragments: Unlock this skin in Fierce Fragments Draw.

Machine Pistol - Biometric

COD Mobile Machine Pistol skin: Biometric - zilliongamer

Rarity: Epic

How to get Machine Pistol Biometric: Unlock this skin by reaching tier 50 in Season 5 2024 Battle Pass Premium.

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End of COD Mobile Machine Pistol loadout guide.