Best SMG in COD Mobile Season 2 2023

Catch up with the latest SMG meta in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 "Heavy Metal" in this article. 

Best SMGs in COD Mobile Season 2

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When it come to ranking each SMG, we look at how strong their damage and fire rate combination is, and how accurate they are when strafing.

That way you can used these top SMGs the way they are intended. Aggressive, Run n Gun, and still maintain great firing accuracy.

Here are 10 best SMGs in COD Mobile Season 2

  1. Switchblade X9
  2. CBR4
  3. QQ9
  4. Chicom
  5. PP19 Bizon
  6. MAC-10
  7. MX9
  8. Razorback
  9. RUS-79U
  10. PPSh-41

These are the top 10 SMG that is dominating the current season, these smgs are lethal in close quarter combat and great for aggressive playstyle.

1. Switchblade X9

Switchblade X9 is the best SMG in Season 2 when it come to close range gunfight, it's hard to lose gunfight with this gun.

Switchblade X9

From 0 to 10 meters the Switchblade X9 deal 32.4 damage when hitting the upper chest area with the fire interval of 71ms, this can generate a very fast time to kill.

Recoil wise, the gun has pretty low recoil control. When past 17 meters it can be a little bit harder to control. So we recommend you to use it for close range most of the time.

The Switchblade X9 is a bread and butter with aggressive playstyles, a monster when it come to run n gun and still maintain great accuracy.

2. CBR4

The CBR4 is the best SMG in COD Mobile Season 2 when it come to range compatibility, it's really great for close to mid range gunfight.


Don't let the number fool you, the CBR4 simply feels like a laser beam with unlimited range despite it only has prime range of 11 meters.

Damage wise, the CBR4 deal 28.8 dmg when hitting the upper chest area and 32.4 headshot. As you can see the damage a bit lower than the Switchblade X9.

However, if you think the Switchblade X9 has no recoil, try out the CBR4 and you see how amazing these gun feels on your hand with little to less recoil control required.

3. QQ9

Rank number 3 in our Season 2 meta list is the QQ9 SMG or we all known as the MP5. A great SMG for COD Mobile veterans.


The QQ9 has a prime range of 11 meters and it deal 30 damage both Headshot and upper chest area which is very strong on paper.

However, the reason why the veteran love this gun so much is that the QQ9 is not a beginner friendly gun at all, it required a good recoil control skill to master this smg.

But if you manage to master this gun, it can be very lethal and you can scared the whole lobby with it, extremely aggressive smg for demon time players.

4. Chicom

Ranking number 4th in our list we have the Chicom SMG, a powerful burst that is great for burst lover out there.


The Chicom can technically one burst you, but it's not about that, the Chicom has the fastest burst interval which mean that you can hit multiple burst extremely easy.

It has the prime range of 8 to 16 meters and you can deal good damage with this gun as well (41.6 upper chest) which is lethal.

Recoil wise, the Chicom has a little kick when you use for past it prime range, but don't worry, you will be able to control the recoil at ease.

5. PP19 Bizon

On the top 5 of our meta list we have the PP19 Bizon SMG, a high versatility smg that is great for close and mid range combat.

PP19 Bizon

The PP19 Bizon has a prime range between 8 and 13 meters, with the damage of 36 or 32.4 when you hit the enemy upper chest are and 39 or 35.1 dmg headshot.

The Bizon is widely known of having high ammo count in it original magazine, so in our build we put on the Large Caliber Ammo A attachment to improve it damage department.

Playstyle wise, the PP19 Bizon is great for both aggressive run n gun and passive angle holding playstyles, it's pretty versatile, a true all-rounder smg.

6. MAC-10

On our 6th position we have the MAC-10 SMG, one of the best close quarter smg that you can use in COD Mobile Season 2.


The MAC-10 SMG is a good smg that has a prime range of 7 meters deal 24 damage when hitting the upper chest area and 28.8 dmg to the head and the fire interval of 50ms.

The extremely fast fire rate of the MAC-10 can generate a very fast time to kill but only in 7 meters range, so you should use this gun with that note in mind, don't try to take long range fight with it.

7. MX9

For the 7th position, we have the MX9 submachine gun, once it used to be the meta, now it's still pretty good surprisingly after the Season 2 buffed.


In Season 2 2023, the MX9 got a recoil reduction buffed which is pretty good consider how bad this smg recoil is. 

The MX9 has a prime range of 11 meters and you can deal 27 damage when hitting any part of the enemy body except head, when hitting headshot you can deal up to 29.7 damage.

Overall, the MX9 is another good sub machine gun to use for close range, but it can get outclassed by our top 5 easily. So use it at your own risk.

8. Razorback

Ranking on position 8 of our meta list we have the Razorback. A Stronger and better PDW-57. It's pretty strong!


The Razorback has a prime range of 15 meters and you can deal up to 33 damage when hitting the enemy headshot, upper chest area, or lower arm area.

However, it has pretty slow fire rate which mean that the gun generate a little slow time to kill as well. Recoil wise this smg has a pretty low recoil so you'll be controlling it easily.

Overall, the Razorback is great SMG intended for more of a passive playstyles or holding angle type of playstyle. It's good but not great especially, if you want to play aggressive with it.

9. RUS-79U

Standing on number 9 we have the RUS-79U or what we love to call "OL' RELIABLE". A great SMG to use for both PROS and New players.


The RUS-79U has a prime range of 9 to 18 meters, and it deal a good damage of 30.8 dmg when you hit either headshot or upper chest area.

The reason it's an OL' RELIABLE is that the gun is very easy to use with little less to no recoil, so no matter what your skill gap is you can be pretty good with the RUS-79U.

Playstyle wise, you really can't go wrong with the RUS, you can play whichever playstyle you want to, aggressive? sure. Passive? Suuure.

10. PPSh-41

On the bottom of our list we have the PPSh-41, a good smg that perform well in close quarter combat.


The PPSh-41 has a prime range of 10 meters, and the gun 29.9 damage when you hit the enemy upper chest area, whereas 32.2 damage when you hit headshot.

The gun seems to have a little high recoil compare to other smgs on our list, but don't worry you will be able to get used to it recoil pattern pretty quick.

The PPSh-41 is worth a try especially if you are tired of constantly using Switchblade X9 or CBR4 as our main gun, it can refresh your SMG enthusiastic for a little bit.

Wrap Up The Season 2 SMG Meta

In Conclusion, Season 2 2023 top 3 SMGs doesn't really change at all if we look back at Season 1, however the other 7 SMGs seems to get replace or re-rank accordingly.