Best SMG in COD Mobile Season 1 2023

Today marked the 2 weeks after Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 released. Here are 10 of the best SMGs that high ranked players used in their matches.

Season 1 is over, Check out our Season 2 SMG meta list here with loadout provided!!

Here are 10 best SMGs in COD Mobile 2023

Here are the 10 strongest SMG in Season 1 Reawakening:

  1. Switchblade X9
  2. CBR4
  3. QQ9
  4. Chicom
  5. PP19 Bizon
  6. MAC-10
  7. KSP-45
  8. PPSh-41
  9. GKS
  10. Razorback

The list show you the meta and most used SMGs that are currently using by professional and high ranked players.

Down below we explained why these guns are the 10 best smg in COD Mobile:

1. Switchblade X9

The best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile is the Switchblade X9, this deadly CBQ submachine gun is leading the SMG meta in 2023.

Switchblade X9

Based on the stats, the Switchblade X9 has a prime range from 0 to 10 meters, dealing 32.4 to the upper chest area and 35.1 up to head and neck area with the fire interval 71ms.

For aggressive players the Switchblade X9 fit perfectly well for your playstyle, you can run very fast with the sprint speed of 6.51m/s when holding this SMG.

Recoil wise, this gun has very low spread so your shots will be very accurate in close quarter gunfight.

2. CBR4

The CBR4 performance is on par with the Switchblade X9, the lack of damage is why it's the second best.


Damage wise the CBR4 deal 28.8 damage at the upper chest area with the prime range of 0 to 11 meters and the fire interval of 75ms.

The CBR4 also has very low recoil control which make run n gun extremely accurate, allowing you to play very aggressive with the gun.

Movement wise when you use the CBR4 you has 4.92m/s movement speed and 6.4m/s when sprinting.

3. QQ9

The QQ9 is the third best submachine gun in COD Mobile Season 1 2023. It has extremely fast fire rate and high damage.


The QQ9 deal 30 damage when hitting both headshot and upper chest area with the fire interval of 72ms, only 1ms slower then the Switchblade X9.

However, the QQ9 have moderate recoil control which make shots past it prime range (0 - 11 meters) harder to hit.

Playstyle wise, the QQ9 fit perfectly for those that like to play extremely aggressive, run n gun around the map, and like to go for high elimination in their match.

4. Chicom

The Chicom is the best burst gun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 1, this gun just got buffed and it's worth a try.


The burst firing smg hardly rank in our meta list, however after the Chicom get buffed the gun is worth checking out, it has a prime range of 0 to 8 meters which is good for extremely close range.

The Chicom deal up to 51.2 damage when hitting headshot and 41.6 upper chest damage, this technically means that you can hit one burst kill, but you need to be extremely accurate with your aim.

While most gunfight you will need to land at least 2 bursts to take down your target with the Chicom.

5. PP19 Bizon

Ranking number 5th is the PP19 Bizon smg, high magazine, great damage, and well-rounded.

PP19 Bizon

The PP19 Bizon deal up to 36 damage when hitting the upper chest area and 39 headshot, this gun also has the prime range of 0 to 8 meters.

Recoil wise the PP19 Bizon has very low recoil control, you can be extremely accurate when hitting long range target as well. However, the fire interval is 92ms, which can punish you when missing shots.

The PP19 has great versatility, you can use this gun for run n gun or objective based, it's great for any playstyles.

6. MAC-10

The MAC-10 is a close range monster that deal extremely high damage, it's great for close range only.


The MAC-10 has a prime range of 0 to 7 meters, this gun deal 24 damage at the upper chest and 28.8 headshot damage, with the fire interval of 50s.

Pasting it prime range, the MAC-10 is not as good as other SMGs but it dominant in it's own range. Playstyle wise the MAC-10 is extremely good for close quarter combat.

7. KSP-45

The KSP-45 is the second best burst gun that you can use in Season 1, it's fun once in a while to use it.


The KSP-45 deal very high damage from 0 to 13 meters, when hitting upper chest area it deal up to 44.2 damage while hitting headshot you can deal up to 54.4 damage.

Recoil wise it has pretty low recoil and very fast burst interval of 84ms and you can get 1 burst the enemy if you are accurate with your aim.

8. PPSh-41

The PPSh-41 ranked in position 8th in Call of Duty Mobile, another great close range smg that you should try.


The PPSh-41 has a prime range of 0 to 10 meters, and it deal 29.9 damage when hitting the upper chest area, whereas 32.2 damage when hitting headshot.

Pretty high damage however the recoil is also a little harder to control, you can run n gun with this gun but it can be in accurate sometime.

9. GKS

Ranking number 9th in our list is the GKS sub machine gun, a hard hitting smg that require some skill to mastered.


The prime range of GKS is ranging from 0 to 9 meters dealing 36.3 damage in the upper chest and 49.5 when hitting headshot. Close range wise this gun is extremely deadly when hitting headshot.

You can achieve 3 shots kill if you land a headshot with the GKS, however the gun has pretty slow fire interval of 100ms which can punish you when missing shots.

The GKS is great for sentinel playstyles, holding close range objectives, and like to play objectives based while still going for necessary eliminations.

10. Razorback

At the bottom of our meta list we have the Razorback SMG, a versatile SMG for close to mid range combat.


The Razorback has a prime range of 0 to 15 meters, this gun deal 33 damage both headshot and upper chest area, and the fire interval of 96ms.

Regarding recoil, the Razorback has pretty low recoil that you can control well, this gun is versatile for many playstyles, you can play passive or aggressive with it.

S1 Meta List Wrapped Up

In Summary, When it come to close quarter combat, these 10 SMGs are dominated in Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 and it can even outgunned most Assault Rifles.