Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 11 (2023) Weapons Meta

We are now in the new Season 11. Find the best gun in COD Mobile Season 11 to dominate your opponents as well as climbing the Series 6 Ranking.

Top 13 Leading Best Guns in COD Mobile Right Now

  1. Grau.556
  2. HVK-30
  3. Kilo 141
  4. SKS
  5. Switchblade X9
  6. CX-9
  7. PDW-57
  8. DL Q33
  9. HDR
  10. Holger 26
  11. KRM-262
  12. Argus
  13. Dobvra

As you can see, the new weapons like Grua.556 and HVK-30, is now ranking higher than the kilo 141. Find out why down below.

1. Grau.556

Grau 556 is the best gun in COD Mobile Season 11 thanks to the recent buffs that make the gun extremely accurate and very easy to use.

COD Mobile Grau 5.56 Burned Soul skin

The Grau 556 deal very high damage with extremely fast fire rate and very low recoil control which make it become the new Kilo-141.

With the stats mentioned it make the Grau.556 a very fast time to kill machine just make sure you have enough ammo in your magazine to run through the enemies.

 2. HVK-30

The HVK-30 is the second best gun in Season 11. This assault rifle is very powerful and great for close to medium range.

COD Mobile HVK-30 Ice Demon skin - zilliongamer

The HVK-30 deals very high damage with very fast fire rate and good range support. What makes the gun rank number 2 is that it has just a little higher recoil control compared to the Kilo 141.

However, for veterans that have been playing this game for a long time they still use this gun because of how good it performs.

3. Kilo-141

The Kilo 141 is the third best gun in COD Mobile Season 11, the gun is still very powerful and widely used from beginner to professional.

Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 is an assault rifle that has high damage with low recoil control and extremely accurate making it the best gun to use in this season. It’s very easy to use and it’s very good for any range gunfight.

4. SKS

When it come to marksman, the SKS lead the meta, this two taps machine is deadly for close, medium, and long range.


From 0 to 40 meters the SKS deal 60 damage to the upper chest area, even though the gun is semi automatic, you can still fire the gun rapidly.

This gun has great accuracy and is build for close to mid and long range combat, you only need two body shots to eliminate your opponents. You need to be skillful to be good at this gun.

5. Switchblade X9

The best SMG in COD Mobile is the Switchblade X9, it's the best versatile gun to use for close and mid range in Season 11.

Switchblade X9

From 0 to 10 meters the Switchblade X9 deal 27 damage with fire rate of 71ms, this smg is deadly from point blank to 10 meters range.

The Switchblade X9 fit perfectly for any playstyle, with the low recoil control you can build it for faster ADS speeds and still maintain great accuracy.

6. CX-9

Ranking on number 6 in Season 11 we have the CX-9 SMG, a high mobility and great damage dealer submachine gun for aggressive playstyle.


The CX-9 is really good for close and personal combat, it has extremely fast fire rate with great damage output making it one of the most accurate SMG that you can use.

Although, be mindful of the CX-9's recoil, it's can be hard for new players to use, as well as for mid range gunfight.

7. PDW-57

Receiving recoil buffs, the PDW-57 is the third best SMG to use in COD Mobile. It's good for close and medium range.


The PDW-57 deals great damage, with decent fire rate, and good mobility which fits for both passive and aggressive playstyle. Recoil wise, you now only need to focus on control the vertical recoil control.

8. DL Q33

DL Q33 is the best sniper in COD Mobile. It's the most used and the most reliable sniper that you can use in Multiplayer. High accuracy and powerful.

DL Q33

The DL Q33 is an extremely strong sniper that can one shot enemy at any ranges, and it has very fast mobility such as scope in time and movement speed so that you can be agile around the map with this sniper.

9. HDR

Standing at 9th position we have the HDR, a great Sniper for battle royale that can one shot an enemy at a very long range.


The HDR deals very high damage and has precise accuracy. The gun fits very well when playing in Battle royale because of the low mobility it holds. You will need to find a good position before firing your shot and it’s quite hard to use for close and medium range in multiplayer.

10. Holger 26

At the tenth position of our list we have the Holger 26 light machine gun. This weapon is still the most accurate lmg to use in COD Mobile Season 11.

Holger 26

The Holger 26 is a very good LMG that you can use for both multiplayer and battle royale thanks to the high damage and fast fire rate combination pair with low recoil control and high accuracy. However, the low mobility is what makes us rank this gun a little low.

11. KRM-262

The KRM-262 is the best shotgun to use in Season 11, it’s an all rounder shotgun that you can use for both multiplayer and Battle Royale.


The KRM-262 deals very high damage with great bullet spread to use for close quarter gunfight, it can one shot enemies at point blank which is great for aggressive playstyle that like to move around the map.

12. Argus

Argus is the second best shotgun in COD Mobile, it's very powerful but require good aim to master the shotgun.


The Argus deals high damage with tight bullet spread when aiming down sight. It's fit perfectly for passive and aggressive playstyle especially in Multiplayer.

Having good aim can helps boost the Argus accuracy, because when you ADS you will feels that your shot hit the enemy better.

13. Akimbo Dobvra

No doubt the Akimbo Dobvra is the best pistol that you should use with any of your loadouts.

Akimbo Dobvra

The Dobvra is a very good pistol that can deal very high damage with great accuracy and with akimbo build you will be extremely confident when you run out of ammo on your primary. It can be a great sniper support as well as any primary support.


Overall, The Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 meta still heavily relies on assault rifles and submachine guns to do the work when it comes to close and medium range gunfight, the SMG meta seems to lack a little bit behind whereas the sniper meta remains the same.