Best Akimbo Makarov loadout in COD Mobile (Dobvra)

Makarov (Dobvra) is the newest pistol drop in COD Mobile Season 4, Get ready for this overpowered build to dominate your lobby.

New update to the Makarov name is now changed to "Dobvra" due to licensor's request.

How to get Makarov (Dobvra) pistol in COD Mobile

There are two ways to unlock the Makarov (Dobvra) pistol in Season 4.

If you  are one of the free-to-play players, you need to complete Seasonal event: Sidearm Scruffle. 

The second way to get Makarov (Dobvra) is by participating in AQUATIC FUSION draw, you will get a legendary Makarov (Dobvra) skin, however this is not free.

Now that you know how to unlock Makarov (Dobvra), let's move to the juicest part that's going to change the pistol meta for Season 4.

Best Makarov (Dobvra) loadout in COD Mobile

Note: You won't be able to use ADS with this build, it's exclusively build for hipfire.

Best Akimbo Makarov loadout in COD Mobile - zilliongamer

This is our recommendation on building the best attachments for Makarov (Dobvra) in COD Mobile:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: Sorokin 140mm Auto
  • Laser: MIP Laser 5mW
  • Ammunition: 20 Round Mags
  • Perk: Akimbo

The main keys to build Makarov (Dobvra) loadout is the Sorokin 140mm Auto barrel and Akimbo perk, both attachments is highly recommended.

Starting with the Agency Suppressor, this attachment provide zero cons on the Makarov (Dobvra), it help silenced with reduces vertical recoil.

The Sorokin 140mm Auto barrel convert the Makarov (Dobvra) pistol from semi-automatic to fully-automatic therefore you will notice a much stronger and faster fire rate.

Laser wise, we recommend the MIP Laser 5mW to boost your Hipfire bullet spread accuracy and faster Spritn-to-Fire delay.

The faster the fire rate, the quicker you'll run out of ammo, the base mag size of Makarov (Dobvra) is only 20, we add 20 Round Mags total it up to 40.

Lastly, we use the Akimbo perk to get a dual Makarov (Dobvra) pistol secondary and dominate your lobby with ease.

The reason we so confidently say that this is the best Makarov (Dobvra) loadout because it's highly versatile with great accuracy and extremely reliable.

You can use this loadout as aggressive playstyle, or use it as a backup when run out of ammo or whatever you would like to.

You really can't go wrong with this pistol at all. And as of right now, The Akimbo Makarov (Dobvra) the best pistol in COD Mobile.


In conclusion, the nerf of Akimbo Makarov (Dobvra) uncertain, but for right now you should enjoy it while it last, you'll be surprised of how powerful this pistol is.