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Dragon's Roost

Date: 2018-11-15, By: KHSeanDragalia Lost

  • Dragon's Roost is a place where the player can interact with dragons. Give gifts to dragons to increase their bond with you.

Weapons Guide

Date: 2018-11-15, By: RatanakFortnite

  • The Complete Fortnite Weapons Guide - 28 Total weapons have it own variants, damages per seconds, range and more. Find out which weapons fit on which situation here.

v6.30 Patch Notes

Date: 2018-11-15, By: RatanakFortnite

  • Fortnite v6.30 newest update is now available on all platform. In this v6.30 patch include Limited Time Mode, Events, Playground change, and some bug fixes.

New Mounted Turret Coming into Fortnite

Date: 2018-11-13, By: RatanakFortnite

  • Fortnite have updated the in-game news feed to show that the New Mounted Turret Coming into Fortnite Battle Royale. The description reads "Place the Mounted Turret and hop in to apply some suppressive fire! Careful not to overheat "

A Wish to the Winds - Coming Soon !

Date: 2018-11-13, By: P_Tak

  • The Facility event A Wish to the Winds will begin on 1:00 PM, Nov 15, 2018. The event will pit your group of adventurers against bosses of the water element. You'll also be able to build event-related reward.

Weapons List

Date: 2018-11-12, By: KHSeanDragalia Lost

  • Equipping weapons to adventerurs raise their HP and Strength. Adventurers are only able to equip a fixed weapon type.

Week 7 Hunting Party skins leak

Date: 2018-11-08, By: RatanakFortnite

  • In Week 7, if you've completed every challenge for the previous weeks and you complete all of week 7, you'll unlock the Hunting Party skin which was leaked when v6.22 was released.

Currency Types

Date: 2018-11-07, By: KHSeanDragalia Lost

  • In Dragalia Lost there are several types of currrency ;Rupies, Wyrmite, Mana, Eldwater, Diamantium that use to summoning, crafting, or other uses.

v6.22 Patch Notes

Date: 2018-11-07, By: RatanakFortnite

  • Fortnite released their newest version v6.22 Patch Notes today. Added new Heavy AR : AK 47, Added Limited Time Mode : Team Terror & Blitz. Changed Storm damage and small bug fixes.

New Heavy AR: AK 47

Date: 2018-11-07, By: RatanakFortnite

  • Fortnite just released their v6.22 patch today follow up with the New Heavy Assault Rifle called ""AK 47"". The New Heavy AR : AK 47 will become the meta changing in this patch. AK 47 can be found in floor loot, chests, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops. Available in Rare, Epic and Legendary Variants.

Afflictions Type

Date: 2018-11-06, By: KHSeanDragalia Lost

  • Afflictions are the things that can cause you the problem when you are in the battles. You can not shapeshifting or transforming become a dragon. There are 8 types of affliction; poison, freeze, paralysis, curse, burn, bog, blind, stun. All of this have there different effection.

NFL is coming to Fortnite on November 9th

Date: 2018-11-06, By: RatanakFortnite

  • NFL Skins is coming to Fortnite, With 32 new NFL teams outfits and additional unique Fortnite teams. Find the 32 new NFL teams outfits in Fortnite store on 9th November and Customize your wanted number from 1 to 99 on the outfits.

How to summon items

Date: 2018-11-05, By: KHSeanDragalia Lost

  • Item Summon is a dialy summon items that perform only 6 times per days. Here are the ways to summon the items. Try to do it everyday to get the items for upgrade your Adventurers.

Limited time event: Lil'Kev challenges

Date: 2018-11-05, By: RatanakFortnite

  • Lil'Kev, Super rare back bling that can only be wear after completing the limited time challenges. There are 3 different challenges that waiting for player to play and had a chance to obtain Lil'Kev back bling.