The Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard 2022

Down below are the best 7 budget mechanical keyboard which has good quality and has a lot of features that are suitable for gaming.

Pulsar Lunar Alloy PK001

This is the Pulsar Lunar Alloy PK001 mechanical keyboard with a Price of $40 coming with 87 keys and red linear switches that have a quiet sound, smooth press feels when typing. 

Also, the build quality is made from the metal top alloy plate and the bottom is made from full plastic. This keyboard also has an RGB LED Rainbow light it's quite bright and vibrant the colors are good and clean.

Pulsar Lunar Alloy PK001 Keyboard - zilliongamer

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ModelPulsar Lunar Alloy TKL Rainbow Red Switch
Number of Keys87 Keys
MaterialErgonomic designed Steel Series Matte
CableUSB Cable
Keyboard Size35.48 x 12.7 x 3.71 cm
Keyboard Weight696.53g

LTC NB681 Nimbleback 

This is an LTC NB681 Nimbleback mechanical keyboard with a Price of $55 that comes with a split design and removable skirt which you can take it off and paint your favorite color put it back to have a new look.

This keyboard comes up with 68keys and the build design is good with a unique bottom shell with flip-up risers, a white top metal plate to help bounce the RBG light up. Also, the switches of this keyboard have 3 colors for you to choose from, red, blue, and brown. 

LTC NB681 Nimbleback Keyboard - zilliongamer

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ModelLTC NB681 Nimbleback
Number of Keys68 Keys
ConnectionUSBC & USB-Type A
Cable1.8m USB Cable
Keyboard Size338 x 105 x 40mm
Keyboard Weight686g

Techware Phantom 87

Here is the Techware Phantom 87 mechanical keyboards with a Price of $46 that come up with an integrated a three-cable layout that you can change your cable position to " Right, Middle, Left ". It also has a keycaps puller at the bottom with one-stage flip-up risers.

This keyboard comes up with 87keys with a build quality that is made of a solid plastic shell, a thick solid metal deck at top of keyboard with RBG shine through keycaps and lube stabilizers. For the switches, you can upgrade them with echo switches.

Techware Phantom 87 Keyboard - zilliongamer

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ModelTechware Phantom 87
Number of Keys87 Keys
ConnectionNone-detachable USB
Cable1.8m Braided USB Cable
Keyboard Size361.5 x 133.5 x 40.1mm
Keyboard Weight960 g

Royal Kludge RK84

Royal Kludge RK84 with a Price of $80 uses a 75% form factor with a good build quality that is made of a solid plastic shell and a very solid top metal plate and it also has a removable skirt as well.  

This keyboard has really low-level switches that consider a modded keyboard with stock stabilizers that can sound really quite good. Moreover, this keyboard also has Bluetooth compatibility for up to 5 devices with a 2.4GHz USB dongle as well.

Royal Kludge RK84 Keyboard - zilliongamer

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ModelRoyal Kludge RK84
Number of Keys84 Keys
ConnectionUSB-C Wired
MaterialABS plastic Case, PBT plastic keycaps and steel plate 
Cable5.6inch USB-A to USB-C cable
Keyboard Size315 x 125 x 40mm
Keyboard Weight803.5g

Redragon K530 Pro

This is the Redragon K530 Pro mechanical keyboard with a Price of $65 come up with a building quality with a  modern design solid case with very clean edges and sharp angles featuring a very solid metal at the top as well.

This keyboard has a full hot-swap ability with three and five-pin switches which means you can put any switches in this keyboard as you wish. This keyboard also has full Bluetooth connectivity, USB-C at the left side, and a 2.4GHz USB dongle at the bottom of the keyboard.

Redragon K530 Pro Keyboard - zilliongamer

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ModelRedragon K530 Pro
Number of Keys61 Keys
ConnectionBluetooth, 2.4 GHz, USB-C Wired
MaterialStrong plastic
Cable USB-C & USB-A cable
Keyboard Size291.7 x 101.7 x 35mm
Keyboard Weight610 g

Redragon K631

Here comes the other hot-swap board Redragon K631 mechanical keyboard with a Price of $50. This is a pretty light plastic design keyboard with a weight of 450g, USB-C at the left side, good stabilizers, and 68 keys. 

This keyboard is designed for an FPS gamer. You can place this keyboard properly straight on your desk and still has a huge space for your mouse to rotate around without any worries. 

Redragon K631 Keyboard - zilliongamer

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ModelRedragon K631
Number of Keys68 Keys
MaterialStrong plastic
Cable USB-C
Keyboard Size12.2 x 4.1 in
Keyboard Weight450 g

Akko 3068B

This is the 65% form factor Mechanical keyboard Akko 3068B comes with a Price of $90 no split design and looks like a custom board. This is the fully-stocked pre-built board the bottom case is very very solid with a 2-stage riser, on & off Bluetooth button at the bottom of the keyboard, top white metal plate.

This keyboard is fully hot-swappable and also has a secondary black keycap with a good quality, with 3 fantastic switches on the board icluding the jelly pink, jelly purple, or jelly white. It has pretty good stabilizers no tick super tight in the board and sound pretty good. 

For the connectivity, it has a detachable USB-C, Bluetooth, and a 2.4Ghz USB dongle too. It has a super bright RBG light and not shine to the keycaps. 

Akko 3068B Keyboard - zilliongamer

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Model3068B Plus
Number of Keys68 Keys
ConnectionBluetooth 5.0/ 2.4Ghz/ Type-C All-in-One
Cable USB-Cable
Keyboard Size316 x 107 x 39mm
Keyboard Weight700 g


Overall, these are the 7 best budget mechanical keyboard in 2022 that has a lot of features good quality, and great building design, where you buy and get them in just under 100 bucks. So, what are you waiting for pick your favorite keyboard and go through the amazon link below the image!