The Division Resurgence Mask - Gear List

This article will show all 12 Mask Gear List in The Division Resurgence that are divided into 3 tiers. Get to know all Mask names, stats, and tier down below:

Mask Tier 0 List

Tactical Mask529-1.36K
Rapid Deployment Mask529-1.36K
Guardrail VI Facering529-1.36K
Maxillam Respirator529-1.36K

Mask Tier 1 List

Bevor Air Guard635-1.63K
Timeless Guardian Mask635-1.63K
Breathe-Easy Mask635-1.63K
Aphrodite Glint Concealer635-1.63K

Mask Tier 2 List

Combat Mask Cete726-1.95K
Protective Tactical Mask726-1.95K
Half Mask Respirator726-1.95K
Javelina Mask726-1.95K

Other Gear List