The Division Resurgence Holster - Gear List

This article will show all 12 Holster Gear List in The Division Resurgence that are divided into 3 tiers. Get to know all Holster names, stats, and tiers down below:

Holster Tier 0 List

Urban Assault Holster501-1.28K
Chamber Wolf TAC Holster501-1.28K
Lock and Load Holster501-1.28K
Armorer's Security Holster501-1.28K

Holster Tier 1 List

Serviceman's Holster601-1.54K
Morar Holster System601-1.54K
Artemis Fast Draw Holster601-1.54K
Pridwen Holster601-1.54K

Holster Tier 2 List

Fodral Holster722-1.85K
Jags Sidearm Mount722-1.85K
Tepes Holster722-1.85K
Jaivardhan Thigh Rig722-1.85K

Other Gear List