The Division Resurgence Body Armor - Gear List

This article will show all 12 Body Armor List in The Division Resurgence that are divided into 3 tiers. Get to know all Body Armor names, stats, and tier down below:

Body Armor Tier 0 List

Name(Lv.1) Health(Lv.1) Armor
Ericht Chest System334-857134-344
Mechanized Infantry Armor334-857134-344
Stridsvast Combat Vest334-857134-344
Ranger Ballistics Vest334-857134-344

Body Armor Tier 1 List

Name(Lv.1) Health(Lv.1) Armor
Flimsy Body Armor v1402-1.03K161-413
Athena Missile Vest402-1.03K161-413
Phalanx Precision Vest402-1.03K161-413
Flimsy Body Armor v2402-1.03K161-413

Body Armor Tier 2 List

Name(Lv.1) Health(Lv.1) Armor
X-TREYME Pro Ribcage481-1.23K193-495
Chatzatz Chest481-1.23K193-495
Big Drum Body Armor481-1.23K193-495
Ops Armor481-1.23K193-495

Other Gear List