The Division Resurgence Knee Pads - Gear List

This article will show all 12 Knee Pads Gear List in The Division Resurgence that are divided into 3 tiers. Get to know all Knee Pads names, stats, and tier down below:

Knee Pads Tier 0 List

Name(Lv.1) Health(Lv.1) Armor
Dingson Protection Pads362-92762-160
Tay Protective Pads Lv.1362-92762-160
Tay Protective Pads Lv.2362-92762-160
Dionysus Rounded Padding362-92762-160

Knee Pads Tier 1 List

Name(Lv.1) Health(Lv.1) Armor
Stonewall Knee Pads434-1.11K75-194
Sundown Knee Guards434-1.11K75-194
Mesa Knee Guards434-1.11K75-194
HX 02434-1.11K75-194

Knee Pads Tier 2 List

Name(Lv.1) Health(Lv.1) Armor
Knaskydd Knee Protectors521-1.33K90-233
Urban Warfare Kneepads521-1.33K 90-233
Pivot Pads521-1.33K 90-233
Patella Knee Cups521-1.33K 90-233

Other Gear List