The Division Resurgence Gloves - Gear List

This article will show all 12 Gloves Gear List in The Division Resurgence that are divided into 3 tiers. Get to know all Gloves names, stats, and tier down below:

Gloves Tier 0 List

Name(Lv.1) Health(Lv.1) Armor
Lochy Hand Savers418-1.07K34-89
Hybrid FC Gloves418-1.07K34-89
Hunter's Code Gloves418-1.07K34-89
Blood Fang Gloves418-1.07K34-89

Gloves Tier 1 List

Name(Lv.1) Health(Lv.1) Armor
Micro Plated Gloves501-1.28K41-107
Diamondback Gloves501-1.28K41-107
Phantom Saviour Gloves501-1.28K41-107
Digits Finger Stabilizer501-1.28K41-107

Gloves Tier 2 List

Name(Lv.1) Health(Lv.1) Armor
Nightclaw Tactical Gloves601-1.54K50-128
Kote Hand Guards601-1.54K50-128
Gustavo Association Gloves601-1.54K50-128
Neptune Protection Gloves601-1.54K50-128

Other Gear List