The Best Yueshan Build: Glyph, Skills, Ultimate, and Best SoulJades - Naraka: Bladepoint

Yueshan is a playable Character in Naraka Bladepoint. Find Best Yueshan Build Glyph, Skills, and Ultimate here.

Best Glyph for Yueshan

Glyphs is a talent board help increase Yueshan energy, dodge energy cost, dagger dash, skill cooldown, grappling distance, and energy cap.

Here is our recommendation on building the best glyphs for Yueshan.


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Origin Spirit

Spirit x 6


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Lunar Agility

Agility x 6


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Omni Mind

Mind x 6


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Solar Flight

Flight x 2

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Solar Genius

Genius x 4

Best Skills for Yueshan

Yueshan skills are: Line Breaker, Rush, and Ambition. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 1 to unlock Rush and Ambition.

Our recommendation for the best skill for Yueshan is Rush.

Rush ( Cooldown: 20s)

Yueshan rushes towards the target area while seizing the first enemy he strucks and deals damage. When the rush ends, the seized enemy will be stunned for 1 second. During the rush, enemies on bothside will knocked back slightly. Cannot be used while under attack.

Best Ultimate for Yueshan

Yueshan skills are: Troop Decimation, Heaven's Descent, and Formation. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 2 to unlock Heaven's Descent and Formation.

Our recommendation for the best ultimate for Yueshan is Heaven's Descent.

Heaven's Descent

Yueshan focuses his inner energies to begin transforming into the Almighty General, clad in thick terracotta armor and equipped with new ways to attack the enemy. While transformed, holding mouse 1 unleashes a (Leaping Slash) while holding Mouse 2 initiates a (Dragontail). With E, Yeshan leaps skyward then unleashes a mighty strike upon the ground below, knocking enemies into the air.

Yueshan remains as the almighty General for 30 seconds. Or hold V to end the status.

Best SoulJades for Yueshan

Stat SoulJades can help Yueshan deal more damage to enemies or take less damage from enemies.

Our recommendation Stat SoulJades for Yueshan is:

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Attack SoulJades

Attack  SoulJade

Increase Attack daamge.

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Melee Resist SoulJades

Melee Resist SoulJade

Decreases Damage taken from melee weapons.

Best Special SoulJade for Yueshan

Each special SoulJade items affect your playstyle in various ways it depend on what special you can collect.

Our recommendation Special SoulJades for Yueshan is:


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Special SoulJades


Restore you to full armor upon killing an enemy

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Phantom Step Special SoulJades

Phantom Step

Dodging and Sprint Dodging provide brief Stealth effects.

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