Patch 5.0b Jungle Tier List | Wild Rift

Losing early game as a jungler? Our Wild Rift Patch 5.0b tier list reveals the top picks for securing objectives, winning team fights, and the champions worth avoiding.

Tier S+ - Gank Gods

Tier S+ | Patch 5.0b Wild Rift Jungle Tier List - zilliongamer

  • Kha'Zix
  • Evelynn
  • Kayn
  • Lee Sin
  • Hecarim

These champions define the Patch 5.0b jungle meta with their potent mix of early gank pressure, swift objective control, and late-game carry potential. Kha'Zix excels at isolating and assassinating squishy targets, while Evelynn's stealth and map-wide pressure create constant fear in the enemy team. Kayn's adaptability through his forms allows him to fill a variety of roles, from tank-busting assassin to durable bruiser. Lee Sin remains an evergreen powerhouse thanks to his incredible mobility, outplay potential, and consistent damage. Finally, Hecarim brings unmatched gank speed and devastating teamfight initiation, making him a constant threat across the map.

Tier S - Pretty Darn Good

Tier S | Patch 5.0b Wild Rift Jungle Tier List - zilliongamer

  • Riven
  • Vi
  • Xin Zhao
  • Jarvan IV
  • Yone
  • Wukong
  • Gragas
  • Camille
  • Aatrox
  • Jayce

Tier S junglers can often adapt between ganking, farming, and counter-jungling based on the game's needs. This flexibility makes them less predictable and harder for the enemy team to counter.

Early Game Impact: They possess potent ganking potential, allowing them to secure kills, invade effectively, and snowball advantages for their team from the start. This is crucial in Wild Rift's fast-paced matches.

Objective Control: These junglers often boast high burst damage, enabling them to quickly secure Drakes and Rift Herald. This gives their team a massive edge in map-wide control and powerful early buffs.

Scaling Potential: While powerful early, these champions often transition well into the mid and late game, either as damage threats or disruptive tanks. They don't fall off easily.

Tier A - Comfort Champions

Tier A | Patch 5.0b Wild Rift Jungle Tier List - zilliongamer

  • Gwen
  • Shen
  • Rengar
  • Pantheon
  • Nautilus
  • Morgana
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Zed
  • Nunu & Willump
  • Volibear
  • Olaf
  • Darius
  • Fizz
  • Fiddlesticks

Despite these minor limitations, Tier A junglers are excellent choices for players seeking consistent performance and a strong foundation for climbing the ranks.

These champions are highly viable, boasting reliable ganking potential, decent clear speeds, some objective control, and the ability to impact games. Their weaknesses might include being slightly less dominant in the early game compared to S-tier picks, requiring a bit more matchup awareness, or having less carry potential in solo queue environments.

Tier B - Niches Picks

Tier B | Patch 5.0b Wild Rift Jungle Tier List - zilliongamer

  • Fiora
  • Lillia
  • Rammus
  • Dr.Mundo
  • Graves
  • Amumu
  • Irelia

Tier B junglers are not bad! They CAN be successful, especially in the hands of a skilled player, with the right team comp, or against favorable enemy picks. However, they're generally less consistent or impactful than top-tier junglers in a wider variety of matches.

Tier C - Needs a Helping Hand

Tier C | Patch 5.0b Wild Rift Jungle Tier List - zilliongamer

  • Warwick
  • Tryndamere
  • Master Yi
  • Shyvana

These champions are struggling to consistently excel in the jungle due to a combination of factors. These include limited ganking power in the early game, vulnerability to counter-jungling, and their reliance on scaling into the later stages of a match.

Point to Consider

The best jungler is often the one that suits your playstyle. Our Patch 5.0b tier list is a starting point – experiment, find your favorites, and dominate the jungle your way!"

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