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Welcome to Necromancer Gears List, Find all Necromancer legendary Head, Chest, Shoulder, and Legs in Diablo Immortal here.

Necromancer Head List

Necromancer Head: Crown Of The Glided Leash | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCrown Of The Gilded LeashSkeletal Captain Inscription: Command Skeletons now raises a single powerful skeletal captain that can be ordered to whirlwind at a location.
Necromancer Head: No-Mouth Face | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerNo-Mouth FaceForceful Spikes Inscription: Bone Spikes no longer charges up to instead immediately summons three forward-moving spikes that knock enemies away.
Necromancer Head: Visitant's Sign | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerVisitant's SignCommand Golem duration increased by 20%.
Necromancer Head: Mirrorictus | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerMirrorictusSkeletal Archer Inscription: Your skeletal champions are replaced with skeletal archers.
Necromancer Head: Hideous Dawning | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHideous DawningRupturing Spikes Inscription: Bone Spikes now also causes enemies to bleed for additional damage, but no longer Stuns them.
Necromancer Head: Skullviel | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSkullvielSkeletal Mage duration increased by 20%.
Necromancer Head: Coal For Eyes | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCoal For EyesKill Command Inscription: Command Skeletons now causes your skeletal champions to explode at their destination, damaging all nearby enemies.

Necromancer Shoulder List

Necromancer Shoulder: Linger-Mantle | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerLinger-MantleDark Curse duration increased by 30%.
Necromancer Shoulder: Gravedirt's Weight | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerGravedirt's WeightBone Armor now also grants immunity to all effects which knock you out of your position.
Necromancer Shoulder: Ziroco | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerZirocoSkeletal Mage damage increased by 10%.
Necromancer Shoulder: Chasm-Crosser | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerChasm-CrosserBone Spikes range increased by 20%.
Necromancer Shoulder: Surge and Stillness | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSurge and StillnessFinal Embrace Inscription: Corpse Explosion now also causes corpses to pull themselves toward the nearest enemy before exploding.
Necromancer Shoulder: Rotspur | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerRotspurBlighted Corpses Inscription: Corpse Explosion no longer detonates corpses, causing them instead to release blight on the area that poisons enemies for continual damage.
Necromancer Shoulder: Lone Preserver | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerLone PreserverChill of the Grave Inscription: Corpse Explosion now also inflicts a stacking Chill which can freeze enemies when stacked.

Necromancer Chest List

Necromancer Chest: Flickering Warmth | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerFlickering WarmthOrbiting Spikes Inscription: Bone Armor instead summons three bone spikes that orbit you and damage any enemies they strike.
Necromancer Chest: Exhumant's Backbone | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerExhumant's BackboneCorpse Pillar Inscription: Bone Wall instead summons a pillar of rotting corpse that knocks targets into the air, damaging them, and then Slows all nearby enemies.
Necromancer Chest: Covet Nothing | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCovet NothingBone Sundering Inscription: Bone Armor now also damages nearby enemies when activated and increases their damage taken for a short time, but no longer shields party members.
Necromancer Chest: The Inviting Tomb | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerThe Inviting TombSkeletal Prison Inscription: Bone Wall now creates a circular wall of bones that traps targets within it, but no longer has multiple charges.
Necromancer Chest: Parting Gift | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerParting GiftAblative Armor Inscription: Bone Armor now grants you and all nearby party members charges of damage immunity, each of which prevents all damage from a single hit.
Necromancer Chest: Ever-Grasping Vestments | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerEver-Grasping VestmentsWall of Skeletons Inscription: Bone Wall now summons a line of skeletal soldiers that charge forward in information, damaging and knocking back enemies.
Necromancer Chest: Gallowsborn | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerGallowsbornGenerate Corpses as you move during Wraith Form.

Necromancer Legs List

Necromancer Legs: Mournful Destroyer | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerMournful DestroyerDesecrating Curse Inscription: Dark Curse now curses the ground in an area, causing enemies within it to take continual damage.
Necromancer Legs: Sacral Chausses | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSacral ChaussesBone Wall duration increased by X%.
Necromancer Legs: Rozhin's Keening | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerRozhin's KeeningCorpse Lance damage increased by 10%.
Necromancer Legs: Graven Bulwark | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerGraven BulwarkBone Armor duration increased by 25%.
Necromancer Legs: Proximal Fear | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerProximal FearBanshee Inscription: Wraith From now causes enemies you touch to flee in Fear and damages them.
Necromancer Legs: Guided By Maggots | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerGuided By MaggotsCurse Of The Dead Inscription: Dark Curse no longer decreases enemy vision, instead causing your minions within the area to frenzy, increasing their attack and movement speeds.
Necromancer Legs: Soulchime | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSoulchimeExplosive Curse Inscription: Dark Curse now causes enemies to explode on death, but no longer decreases enemy vision.

Other Class Gear

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