Monk Gears List - All Legendary Gears

Welcome to Monk Gears List, Find all Monk legendary Head, Chest, Shoulder, and Legs in Diablo Immortal here.

Monk Head List

Monk Head: Crippling Insight | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCrippling InsightExploding Palm: Maximum charges increased by 1.
Monk Head: Empathy's Blessing | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerEmpathy's BlessingInner Sanctuary: Is now blessed Sanctuary, increasing all damage done by you and your allies while within the circle. 
Monk Head: Solace of the Peaks | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSolace Of The PeaksInner Sanctuary: Becomes a chilling circle, continually damaging and Chilling enemies within it, but no longer protecting you and your allies.
Monk Head: Tranquility's Gaze | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerTranquility's GazeInner Sanctuary: Now Stuns and damages enemies that enter or exit the circle, but no longer protects you or your allies.
Monk Head: The Open Mind | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerThe Open MindMystic Allies: Damage increased by 10%.
Monk Head: Purity's Thought | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerPurity's ThoughtShield of Zen: Now also dispels a harmful effect from the target.
Monk Head: Judgement's Watch | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerJudgment's WatchInner Sanctuary: Now continually damages all enemies within it, but no longer protects you or your allies.

Monk Shoulder List

Monk Shoulder: Mantle Of The Crane | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerMantle Of The CraneFlying Kick: Range increased by 20%.
Monk Shoulder: Heaven's Bonds | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHeaven's BondsWave of Light: Now drops a golden bell from the sky, immobilizing all enemies in the area.
Monk Shoulder: Rising Tide | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerRising TideImprisoned Fist: Now causes you to leap through the air with electricity, damaging and Immobilizing nearby enemies where you land.
Monk Shoulder: Discipline's Weight | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerDiscipline's WeightSeven-Sided Strike: Damage increased by 10%.
Monk Shoulder: The First Wind | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerThe First WindEach hit of Seven-sided Strike also temporarily decrease all damage you take by 3.5%, stacking up to 7 times.
Monk Shoulder: Radiant Sun | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerRadiant SunWave Of Light: Now summons and Echo Bell, inflicting continuous damage on all nearby enemies.
Monk Shoulder: Freedom's Gale | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerFreedom's GaleImprisoned Fist: Now Knocks surrounding enemies into the Air and Stuns them, but no longer immobilize.

Monk Chest List

Monk Chest: Tempest's Heart | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerTempest's HeartCyclone Strike: Now causes you become a vortex that pulls in enemies then detonates, damaging and knocking away all nearby enemies.
Monk Chest: Storm Spirit | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerStorm SpiritCyclone Strike: Now generates a powerful tornado that continually a powerful tornado that continually damages all nearby enemies.
Monk Chest: Resounding Soul | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerResounding SoulWave Strike: Damage increased by 10%.
Monk Chest: Breath Of Incense | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBreath Of IncenseSeven-Sided Strike: Can now trigger the Exploding palm explosion when it kills bleeding enemies.
Monk Chest: Harmony's Song | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHarmony's SongWave Of Light: Range increased by 20%.
Monk Chest: Disciplined Respite | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerDisciplined RespiteInner Sanctuary: Cooldown decreased by 15%.
Monk Chest: Enlightenment's Blessing | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerEnlightenment's BlessingDuring Shield of Zen movement speed is increased by 25% and you can move unhindered through enemies.

Monk Legs List

Monk Legs: Tiger's Flight | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerTiger's FlightFlying Kick: Now generates a flaming tornado that damages enemies in its path.
Monk Legs: Path Of The Storm | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerPath Of The StormCyclone Strike: Also temporarily decreases all damage you take by 20%.
Monk Legs: Grace's Bounty | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerGrace's BountyFlying Kick: Becomes Spinning Kick, dealing all nearby enemies.
Monk Legs: Momentum's Flow | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerMomentum's FlowFlying Kick: Now unleashes a series of kicks at enemies in a direction, with the final kick knocking enemies away.
Monk Legs: Chastising Radiance | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerChastising RadianceWave of Light: Damage increased by 10%.
Monk Legs: Isolation's Path | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerIsolation's PathImprisoned First: Maximum charges increased by1.
Monk Legs: Companion's Melody | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCompanion's MelodyMystic Allies: Duration increased by 25%.

Other Class Gears

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