Barbarian Gears List - All Legendary Gears

Welcome to Barbarian Gears List, Find all Barbarian legendary Head, Chest, Shoulder, and Legs in Diablo Immortal here.

Barbarian Head List

Barbarian Head: Lasting Hate | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerLasting HateWrath of the Berserker now also dispels effects which cause loss of control of your character.
Barbarian Head: Bestial Threat | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBestial ThreatTerrifying Roar Inscription: Demoralize is replaced with a terrifying roar that damages all nearby enemies and Immobilizes them.
Barbarian Head: Weighted Brow | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerWeighted BrowGround Stomp range increased by X%.
Barbarian Head: Berserker's Sanity | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBerserker's SanityWrath of the Berserker now also dispels effects which cause loss of control of your character.
Barbarian Head: Battlemaster's Helm | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBattlemaster's HelmWar Cry Inscription: Demoralize is replaced with a war cry that increases all damage you and nearby allies inflict.
Barbarian Head: Second Breath | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSecond BreathSprint duration increased by X%.
Barbarian Head: SpiritBreaker | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSpiritBreakerSprint also leaves tornadoes in your path that deal X damage to any enemies they strike.

Barbarian Shoulder List

Barbarian Shoulder: Ydama's Cyclone | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerYdama's CycloneWhirlwind damage increased by X%.
Barbarian Shoulder: Hell's Legacy | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHell's LegacySprint also leaves a trail of flames, dealing X damage to enemies over X seconds.
Barbarian Shoulder: The Coming Storm | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerThe Coming StormWrath of the Berserker cooldown decreased by X%.
Barbarian Shoulder: Shocking Chaos | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerShocking ChaosLightning Leap Inscription: Leap is now electrified Stunning all nearby enemies where you land.
Barbarian Shoulder: Animal Instinct | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerAnimal InstinctEmpowered Leap Inscription: Leap can now charges up to increase range and damage.
Barbarian Shoulder: Broken Grasp | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBroken GraspSprint also increases your dodge chance by X%.
Barbarian Shoulder: Hatred's Reach | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHatred's ReachCleave range increased by X%.

Barbarian Chest List

Barbarian Chest: The Gathering | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerThe GatheringWhirlwind pulls in all enemies in damages.
Barbarian Chest: Davin's Legacy | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerDavin's LegacyHammer of the Ancients maximum charges increased by X.
Barbarian Chest: Cracklefeel | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCracklefeelElectrified Spear Inscription: Chained Spear now hurls an electrified spear that damages and immobilizes all enemies in path.
Barbarian Chest: Ferocious Gale | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerFerocious GaleWhirlwind occasionally throws out tornadoes that deal X damage to any enemies they strike.
Barbarian Chest: Impaler's Breath | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerImpaler's BreathHarpoon Inscription: Chained Spear now hurls a harpoon that knocks enemies away, damaging and Stunning them.
Barbarian Chest: Charred Iron | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCharred IronFlaming Spear Inscription: Chained Spear now hurls a flaming spear that damages all enemies in its path and leaves a Burning trail.
Barbarian Chest: Crusher Rig | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCrusher RigAvalanche Inscription: Chained Spear now hurls giant rocks, inflicting damage on all enemies in its path.

Barbarian Legs List

Barbarian Legs: Screaming Fury | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerScreaming FuryMerciless Assault Inscription: Furious Charge now charges to a location, damaging all nearby enemies and knocking them into the air. Also increases maximum charges to X.
Barbarian Legs: Determination | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerDeterminationEmpowered Charge Inscription: Furious Charge can now be charged up to increase its range and damage.
Barbarian Legs: Juggernaut's Plan | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerJuggernaut's PlanRampage Inscription: Sprint now causes you to run continuously, knocking enemies in your path.
Barbarian Legs: Rock Spike | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerRock SpikeEmpower Stomp Inscription: Ground Stomp now affects all nearby enemies and can be charged to increase range and damage.
Barbarian Legs: Swiftwing | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSwiftwingStampede Inscription: Sprint now also increases movement speed of nearby allies.
Barbarian Legs: Kar's Defiance | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerKar's DefianceLeap also grants you a shield that absorbs X damage.
Barbarian Legs: Howler's Lift | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHowler's LiftLeap damage increased by X%.

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