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Welcome to Demon Hunter Gears List, Find all Demon Hunter legendary Head, Chest, Shoulder, and Legs in Diablo Immortal here.

Demon Hunter Head List

Demon Hunter Head: Cowl of Absolute Punishment | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCowl of Absolute PunishmentMultishot damage increased by X%.
Demon Hunter Head: Daye's Frightful Persona | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerDaye's Frightful PersonaKnockback Shot damage increased by X%.
Demon Hunter Head: Frozen Guardian's Sight | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerFrozen Guardian's SightSentry becomes empowered with frost, damaging and Chilling enemies.
Demon Hunter Head: Ysil's Contained Destruction | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerYsil's Contained DestructionMortar inscription:Sentry now fires mortarss that explode to damage all enemies in an area.
Demon Hunter Head: Vision of the Lost | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerVision of the LostDuring Vengeance, each defeated enemy increases the remaining duration of Vengeance by X seconds, up to a maximum increase of X seconds.
Demon Hunter Head: Cowl of Focused Hatred | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCowl of Focused HatredMultishot fires 4 additional arrows.
Demon Hunter Head: Boundless Ingenuity | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBoundless IngenuityMaximum charges on Daring Swing increased by X.

Demon Hunter Shoulder List

Demon Hunter Shoulder: Hailfire | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHailfireMultishot also launches X homing rockets, each dealing X damage.
Demon Hunter Shoulder: Skystriker's Pauldrons | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSkystriker's PauldronsObliteration Inscription: Rain of Vengeance instead summons a flying shadow beast that continually drops bombs in an area.
Demon Hunter Shoulder: Bladewings | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBladewingsKnife Trap maximum number active increased by X.
Demon Hunter Shoulder: Hailstone Shoulders | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHailstone ShouldersIce Storm Inscription: Rain of Vengeance becomes empowered with frost, damaging and Chilling enemies.
Demon Hunter Shoulder: Bombardment's Toll | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBombardment's TollRain of Vengeance instead summons bomb-dropping shadow beasts that damage and Stun enemies.
Demon Hunter Shoulder: Shadowstalker's Spaulders | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerShadowstalker's SpauldersSpinning Chakram maximum charges increased by X.
Demon Hunter Shoulder: Chillwrath Mantle | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerChillwrath MantleIcy Path inscription: Daring Swing now fires ice arrows at the ground, forming an ice path that continually damages and Chills.

Demon Hunter Chest List

Demon Hunter Chest: Untempered Hatred | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerUntempered HatredRelentless Bombardment Inscription: Knockback Shot now fires mortars into the sky that bombard enemies within range.
Demon Hunter Chest: Cuirass of the Death Watch | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCuirass of the Death WatchStrafe damage increased by X%.
Demon Hunter Chest: Helltrapper Cage | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHelltrapper CageKnife Trap damage increased by X%.
Demon Hunter Chest: Plate of Lethal Intent | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerPlate of Lethal IntentKnife Trap arming time increased by X%.
Demon Hunter Chest: Darkness's Embrace | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerDarkness's EmbraceFog of War inscription: Smoke Screen now creates thicker longer-lasting smoke that maintains concealment while you are in it. However, you will be briefly visible each time you attack.
Demon Hunter Chest: Petahm's Secret Arsenal | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerPetahm's Secret ArsenalFrozen Wind inscription: Knockback Shot becomes empowered with frost, leaving a frozen trail in its path that damages and Chills enemies.
Demon Hunter Chest: Heart of Vengeance | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHeart of VengeanceVengeance cooldown decreased by X%.

Demon Hunter Legs List

Demon Hunter Legs: Inescapable Predator | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerInescapable PredatorKnife Trap becomes Frost Trap, damaging and Chilling enemies when it explodes.
Demon Hunter Legs: Master Alchemist's Faulds | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerMaster Alchemist's FauldsGas Bomb Inscription: Smoke Screen instead throws a gas bomb at a location, continually damaging all nearby enemies.
Demon Hunter Legs: Assassin's Heritage | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerAssassin's HeritageGrenade Inscription: Smoke Screen instead throws an explosive grenade at a location.
Demon Hunter Legs: Legguards of the Inevitable Inferno | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerLegguards of the Inevitable InfernoImmolation Trap Inscription: Knife Trap becomes Immolation Trap, Burning the ground and all nearby enemies when detonated.
Demon Hunter Legs: Jayn's Silent Retribution | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerJayn's Silent RetributionAll your attacks will be Critical Hits for a few seconds after Smoke Screen's concealment ends.
Demon Hunter Legs: Slayer's Breeches | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSlayer's BreechesEnemies hit by Chakram will suffer X% additional damage if hit again by Chakram within a short time, stacking up to X times.
Demon Hunter Legs: Coff's Unrelenting Fury | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCoff's Unrelenting FuryDuring Vengeance, every X Primary attacks will cause you to launch X additional rocket that deals X damage to a nearby target.

Other Class Gears

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