Crusader Gears List - All Legendary Gears

Welcome to Crusader Gears List, Find all Crusader legendary Head, Chest, Shoulder, and Legs in Diablo Immortal here.

Crusader Head List

Crusader Head: Many-Eyed Aegis | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerMany-Eyed AegisGuardian Inscription: Your Consecration now moves with you.
Crusader Head: Arrowkeeper | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerArrowkeeperCommand Inscription: The inspiration from Holy Banner now moves with you.
Crusader Head: Sudden Vallation | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSudden VallationHoly Beacon Inscription: Holy Banner instead plants a holy beacon that continually damages enemies with holy light.
Crusader Head: Glower Of The Recluse | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerGlower Of The RecluseWhen an enemy is Blinded, Immobilized, or Stunned, your Sweep attack deals % more damage.
Crusader Head: Redeemer's Mettle | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerRedeemer's MettleShield Glare radius increased by X%.
Crusader Head: Questor's Mien | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerQuestor's MienShield Charge maximum charges increased by X.
Crusader Head: Retribution Ornament | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerRetribution OrnamentHoly Statue Inscription: Holy Banner is replaced with a holy statue that forces all nearby enemies to attack it.

Crusader Shoulder List

Crusader Shoulder: Sivket's Advantage | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSivket's AdvantageDraw and Quarter duration increased by X%.
Crusader Shoulder: Faith Ascedant | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerFaith AscedantDeal X% increased damage for a few seconds after using either stage of Falling Sword.
Crusader Shoulder: Wind-Blessed Pauldrons | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerWind-Blessed PauldronsConjuration of Light duration increased by X%.
Crusader Shoulder: Spine Of The Adversary | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSpine Of The AdversaryChains Of Fate Inscription: Sacred Chain now also causes chained enemies to take a percentage of all damage taken by any other chained enemy, but no longer Stuns.
Crusader Shoulder: Public Penance | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerPublic PenanceFrozen Chains Inscription: Sacred Chain now throws frozen chains that deal more damage and do not break from damage, but have a shorter duration.
Crusader Shoulder: Cradle Of Pebbles | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCradle Of PebblesGuardian Of Justice Inscription: Judgement instead summons a Guardian of Justice to fight for you.
Crusader Shoulder: Barbed Council | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBarbed CouncilMass Judgment Inscription: Judgment now implodes after a short delay, drawing all nearby enemies to its center, but it no longer Slows movement or Stuns.

Crusader Chest List

Crusader Chest: Iron Suzarian | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerIron SuzerianVortex Inscription: Condemn now continuously drags enemies toward you.
Crusader Chest: Hungerfire Chiton | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerHungerfire ChitonShield Charge also unleashes a shock wave at its destination, dealing X damage to all nearby enemies.
Crusader Chest: Springback Chain | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSpringback ChainSpinning Shield damage increased by X%.
Crusader Chest: Fortress Hermetic | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerFortress HermeticConsecration radius increased by X%.
Crusader Chest: Besieger | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBesiegerDraw and Quarter periodically calls down a bombardment for X damage to nearby enemies.
Crusader Chest: Justice Without Favor | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerJustice Without FavorHoly Fire Inscription: Conjuration of Light surrounds you and your allies with holy fire that continually damages all nearby enemies, but no longer prevents damage.
Crusader Chest: Feathermail Coat | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerFeathermail CoatJudgement damage increased by X%.

Crusader Legs List

Crusader Legs: Cavalier's Courtwear | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerCavalier's CourtwearTrample Inscription: Draw and Quarter now damages enemies when you run over them and knocks them away, but it no longer drags enemies.
Crusader Legs: Bladed | Ambeau | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerBladed | AmbeauFiery Steed Inscription: Draw and Quarter's mount becomes a fiery steed that Burns the ground and enemies, but no longer drags enemies.
Crusader Legs: Squires Trews | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerSquire's TrewsRescue Racer Inscription: You can now carry a passenger during Draw and Quarter.
Crusader Legs: Shieldswathe | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerShieldswatheShield Defense Inscription: Shield Charge now charges to a location where it forms a shielded circle that enemies and their projectiles cannot cross.
Crusader Legs: Permanent Reproach | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerPermanent ReproachCondemn radius increased by X%.
Crusader Legs: Pillager's Greaves | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerPillager's GreavesEmpowered Bash Inscription: Shield Charge damage increased, and Shield Charge can be charged up to further increase damage.
Crusader Legs: Tactics And Secrets | Diablo Immortal - zilliongamerTactics And SecretsShield Glare damage increased by X%.

Other Class Gears

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