Chip of Stoned Flesh

Chip of Stoned Flesh is a legendary gem in Diablo Immortal. Find Chip of Stoned stats, craft, and how to get this gem here.

Chip of Stoned Flesh Stats

Diablo Immortal Legendary Gem Chip of Stoned Flesh Stats, Craft, & How To Get - zilliongamer

  • Increase base attributes on all equipped items by 1.5% to 5%.
  • +12 - 24 Offense Rating.
  • +12 - 24 Defense Rating.
  • Your attacks have a 5% chance to petrify your target, Stunning them for 1.00 seconds. Cannot affect the same target more than once every 20 seconds.
  • Increases chance to find Magic Items by 15%. (Unlocks at Rank 5).

Chip of Stoned Flesh is a powerful gem that can disabled monsters at a random time, this gem is very good for Demon Hunter, Barbarian, and Crusader.

How To Craft Chip of Stoned Flesh

You can get Chip of Stoned Flesh by crafting method, In order to craft Chip of Stoned Flesh you need:

  • 10 FA Rune.
  • 100 ATI Rune.
  • 1600 Platinum.

You can craft Chip of Stoned Flesh gem in Apprentice Jeweler with Seril NPC.

How To Get Chip of Stoned Flesh

You can also get Chip of Stoned Flesh by making purchase in Market with Platinum currency, the price of Chip of Stoned Flesh is vary from 20K to 50K platinum per gem.

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