Blood-Soaked Jade

Blood-Soaked Jade is Legendary gem in Diablo Immortal. Find Blood-Soaked Jade stats, craft, and how to get this here.

Blood-Soaked Jade Stats

Diablo Immortal Legendary Gem Blood-Soaked Jade Stats, Craft, & How To Get - zilliongamer

  • Increase base attributes on all equipped items by 1.5%.
  • +12 Offense Rating.
  • +12 Defense Rating.
  • Increases all damage you deal by up to 10% and your Movement Speed by 10%, with less damage bonus the lower your Life, to a minimum of 5%.
  • Damage increased by up to 12.00% (Unlock at Rank 2).

Blood-Soaked Jade is a great gem to strengthen your damage and movement speed at the same time boost your strength when your life is getting lower.

How To Craft Blood-Soaked Jade

You can get Blood-Soaked jade by crafting method, In order to craft Blood-Soaked Jade you need:

  • 100 ATI Runes
  • 1600 Platinum.


  • 10 FA Runes.
  • 1600 Platinum.

Note: The chance of getting Blood-Soaked Jade in the crafting process is random because it's a powerful gem you might get another gem during the craft.

You can craft Blood-Soaked jade gem in Apprentice Jeweler with Seril NPC.

How To Get Blood-Soaked Jade

You can also get Blood-Soaked Jade by making purchase in Market with Platinum currency, the price of Blood-Soaked Jade vary from 40K to 100K platinum per gem.

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