COD Mobile Search & Destroy Gamemode

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Gamemode Overview: Search & Destroy

COD Mobile Gamemode: Search & Destroy

Available Maps: Standoff, Firing Range, Take off, Crossfire, Crash, Raid.

Round limit: 6

Player limit: 10 (Five each team)

In-game description: "For each round, either work together to destroy on objective or stop the enemy from doing the same. No respawns."

Search & Destroy Gamemode - Guides & Tips

COD Mobile Gamemode guides: Search & Destroy

There are 2 bombsite on the map known as "A bombsite" and "B bombsite".

Search and destroy divided into 2 teams: Attacker and Destroyer. Attacker who objective is to plant the bomb or eliminate all enemies. As a defender you need to defuse the bomb planted by an attacker or eliminate all enemies as well.

To win this gamemode you require a good headphone to hear every surround sound that happen before you. A good map knowledge is also requried since a lot of good players know all the spots that they gonna play.

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