Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 5: Get Wrecked

Season 5 has released with a brand new Series 3 ranked. Find the current best gun in COD Mobile to dominate your opponents and climb your rank in this article.

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Top 10 Absolute Best Guns in COD Mobile Right Now

  1. Kilo 141
  2. CBR4
  3. DL Q33
  4. QQ9
  5. Krig 6
  6. Holger 26
  7. HDR
  8. PKM
  9. KRM-262
  10. Akimbo Dobvra

These are the meta guns in the current state of COD Mobile, they are the most used weapons by professional and high ranked players who seeks pin point accuracy every match.

1. Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 got yet another buff this season, securing itself as the best gun in COD Mobile Season 5.

Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: Kilo 141

The Kilo got upper chest multiply buff from 1 to 1.2, this gun without the buff is already great, with this buff, you just get a more faster TTK Kilo 141 that you can beam enemy up to 23 meters with little to zero recoil control.

You can't really go wrong using this assault rifle, which is why the Kilo 141 is the best assault rifle for both new players and veterans of the game.

2. CBR4

The CBR4 is the best submachine gun in COD Mobile Season 5, this gun is a laser beam and it's still dominating high ranked matches.

Second Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: CBR4

The CBR4 is the best all-rounder smg that is so good at what it doing, close range run n gun, mid range laser beam, low recoil control, high accuracy, just everything you ask for is inside this gun.

The CBR4 can do it all from deleting enemy extremely fast up to 11 meters to beaming enemies up to 25 meters with very low recoil control needed.

3. DL Q33

We have DL Q33 as the best sniper in COD Mobile Season 5, it's the most reliable scope weapon out of all the snipers.

Third Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: DL Q33

DL Q33 remains the truest one shot one kill sniper to date, it's high damage, fast bullet speed, and high accuracy make it stand on top of the weapon chart for a very long time and trusted by a lot of professional snipers out there.

This is the best sniper even if you're just start practicing your sniper skill, it's a well versatile gun to introduce you into the sniper world.

4. QQ9

Ranking on number 4 in Season 5 we have the QQ9 SMG, a high mobility and great damage dealer submachine gun.

Fourth Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: QQ9

Similar to the CBR4, the QQ9 is best at it's niche, this gun is really good for close and personal combat, it has extremely fast fire rate with great damage output making it one of the most accurate SMG that you can use.

Although, be mindful of the QQ9's recoil, it's can be hard for new players to use, as well as for mid range gunfight.

5. Krig 6

On the fifth spot we have the Krig 6 assault rifle, a close to mid range powerful AR that's still dominating the meta till this day.

Fifth Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: Krig 6

The Krig 6 may have suffered from a couple nerfs a while back, but this gun is still very reliable and it's still being used by a high level players as well as professional players.

The gems that keep players coming back to use the Krig 6 is it's high damage output combine with low recoil control and fast fire rate. A recepie to helps you win a game.

6. Holger 26

For our sixth spot we have the Holger 26 light machine gun, it's the best among it's peer but when compare to the current meta it get outshined.

Sixth Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: Holger 26

The Holger 26 is a pretty powerful LMG in COD Mobile for a long time, it has very high damage output, fast fire rate, and very low recoil control. Although what it's lack is the mobility.

We used to build the Holger 26 as an AR hybrid but after the attachments got nerfed, you can't really run around aggresively with this gun anymore.

But don't be mistaken of this gun, it's still very strong compare to the other LMG in the game which is why it is on the current meta list.

7. HDR

HDR is DL Q33 nemesis, while DL Q33 dominating the multiplayer gamemode, the HDR is dominating the Battle Royale mode.

Seventh Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: HDR

The HDR is an extremely powerful sniper in Battle royale, thanks to the high damage output and fast bullet projectile speed, it's fit the Battle Royale aspect where most of the sniper shot are long range target and this sniper can deliever that sweet 1 shot kill if you can aim properly at the enemy.

The reason it doesn't perform well in multiplayer is that it's a pretty slow sniper to use in close to mid range which pack with endless actions, it fit well in BR where most action require you to scan for people and calculating your shot lead properly.

8. PKM

For our 8th spot we have the PKM, another great gun for Battle royale that we highly recommend you to try out.

Eighth Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: PKM

The PKM is a powerful light machine gun that output very high damage with very low recoil control, although it's lack mobility when holding it, it can perform really well in Battle Royale because most of the time you are running around freely without the need of holding it.

When you spot an enemies you just whipped it out and let this high performance LMG do it job.

9. KRM-262

Standing on our 9th spot of the list we have the KRM-262, the best gun for up close or point blank gunfight, it's also fit extremely well for Battle Royale.

Ninth Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: KRM-262

The KRM-262 does what it does best, high damage output, very accurate, allows you to run n gun enemy at close combat, great bullet spread and fast chambering speed, it's the most prefferable shotgun to use in Battle Royale and also multiplayer.

10. Akimbo Dobvra

Without a doubt that, the Dobvra once known as Makarov is the best secondary to use in COD Mobile Season 5.

Tenth Best gun in COD Mobile Season 5: Akimbo Dobvra

What can we say about this gun, it's a great back up that has very high accuracy with very fast fire rate. Using this can helps save you from a lot of situation where your primary couldn't. You should try it and see how strong this pistol is.


Overall, Season 5 has similar meta weapons as Season 4, but with the new ranked series you will a lot of ranked players uses these mentioned guns even more. And if you can't beat them with your favorite weapons, it's time to choose one of these best gun to fight them.

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