Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 11 2022

We are now in Season 11, despite the nerfs and buffs, the meta from Season 10 is still dominating in current state of COD Mobile.

Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 11

You can see that assault rifles like the Krig 6, Kilo 141 are still the best guns to use in Season 11. They're luckily dodges the nerfs once again.

Here are 10 best guns in COD Mobile Season 11

  1. Krig 6
  2. Kilo 141
  3. PP19 Bizon
  4. ZRG 20mm
  5. SKS
  6. Chopper
  7. Holger 26
  8. KRM-262
  9. Switchblade X9
  10. CBR4

You can see that high versatility guns are still staying on top for this season, because it can perform well in both close and long ranges.

Best gun in each weapon class of COD Mobile Season 11

Here is where we you can find which gun is the best among their peer and why they are the chosen one.

Krig 6

This assault rifle dominated Season 10 and it's still standing strong on top of the list for S11.

Krig 6 best gun in COD Mobile

The gun didn't receives any nerfs in this update, it still a 3 shots assault rifle that deal 36 damage up to 17 meters combine with very fast fire rate make it deadly in close to mid range gunfight.

Krig 6 is the best gun in COD Mobile Season 11 still, because this gun has bullet travel speed which make your shots more accurate than any other guns right now.

Best Krig 6 Loadout

Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 has very low recoil control with great accuracy, some players might like this gun more than the Krig 6.

Kilo 141 2nd Best gun in COD Mobile

When it come to mid and long range gunfight the Kilo 141 is very reliable, despite it being a 4 shots assault rifle, the great handle make this gun more new players friendly.

Beside that, you can counter aggressive players very well when using this gun, because it has very fast time to kill.

Best Kilo 141 Loadout

PP19 Bizon

If you are in high elo you might see a lot of players running with the PP19 Bizon especially in this season.

PP19 Bizon Best SMG in COD Mobile

The PP19 Bizon is still the strongest smg to use in Season 11 with high magazine and zero recoil control, it can shred enemies at close and mid ranges easily.

This is the perfect smg to use for close and mid range combat, objectives defends, hills captured, or straight up high elimination games the PP19 Bizon can do it all.

Best PP19 Bizon Loadout

ZRG 20mm

ZRG 20mm is still the best sniper in COD Mobile Season 11, it dominate in both multiplayer and battle royale.

ZRG 20mm Best Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile

This powerful sniper pack a punch, and it only need one shot to the upper body to eliminate an enemies at any ranges.

Beside the damage, the ZRG 20mm also has very fast bullet speed which make the gun deadly accurate.

For battle royale we recommend you to hit headshot to get that one shot guarantee even with full armor.

Best ZRG 20mm Loadout


SKS is the best marksman in COD Mobile Season 11, this 2 tap beast is might required some skills bit it worth to master.

SKS Best Marksman in COD Mobile

The SKS is a semi automatic marksman that require single tap to firing, it deal very high damage and only require 2 shots to the torso to eliminate an enemy.

Again, it might be hard to master this gun because it's a single tap gun, but once you get used to the rhythm you will see how good it is.

Best SKS Loadout


Chopper is the best lmg in COD Mobile Season 11, it's a very fun gun to use once in a while in pub.

Chopper best LMG in COD Mobile

This LMG has dominate Season 10 meta and it still on top in this new season. The Chopper deal very high damage in mid to long ranges.

The gun fit perfectly for sentinel playstyle which hold down rushing enemies or providing covers for your team.

Best Chopper Loadout

Holger 26

This lmg is a good alternative light machine gun if you don't like to use the Chopper.

Holger 26 2nd best lmg in COD Mobile

The Holger 26 match with all the Chopper LMG power the only things this gun lacked is range, it is a really good gun  that is very accurate for close to mid range gunfight.

Best Holger 26 Loadout


When it come to shotgun the KRM-262 is always leading the pact which is still the same in Season 11.

KRM-262: Best Shotgun in COD Mobile

The KRM-262 is a point blank monster for both multiplayer and battle royale, this shotgun deal very high damage with tight bullet spread allows you to be very accurate with each shot.

Best KRM 262 Loadout

Switchblade X9 & CBR4

Since we are in the versatile meta the Switchblade X9 and CBR4 will be listed in our honorable mentioned.

These SMGs are still perform very well especially in close range, it just that the playstyles is now more focus on objectives as well as the top 5 weapons perform which make both of these smg drop in their rank.

If you feels like the list is inaccurate or you want to discuss about this, you can join us in our Discord channel.

Wrap up Season 11 Meta

In summary, Nothing major really change in this season of COD Mobile. Our top 10 weapons still remain the same. Despite a lot of buffs to other weapons these top 10 seems to be on another levels right now.