How to Craft Origin 12 Shotgun in Undawn

Origin 12 Shotgun is a weapon that you can craft inside Undawn by combining some materials to get this weapon. Find out in-depth ways to craft Origin 12 Shotgun in this article.

Weapon Stats

Origin 12 Shotgun in Undawn

Base Damage97-122
Additional Stats2-6

Origin 12 Shotgun Crafting Material

To Craft any weapons in Undawn. First, go to Workbench > Then Click on Craft Weapons > Select on Weapon Icon and find Origin 12 Shotgun to craft it as we mention it inside the image below.

How to Craft Origin 12 Shotgun in Undawn

To Craft Origin 12 Shotgun you will need to have at least Character Level 60 and also need these materials down below:

Note: Click on the Material Name of each material to get full details on how to find it.

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