How to Craft Steel Pipe Knife in Undawn

Steel Pipe Knife is a weapon that you can craft it inside Undawn by combining some materials to get this weapon. Find out in-depth ways to craft Steel Pipe Knife in this article.

Weapon Stats

Steel Pipe Knife in Undawn

Base Damage134-169
Additional Stats-

Steel Pipe Knife Crafting Material

To Craft any weapons in Undawn. First, go to Workbench > Then Click on Craft Weapons > Select on Weapon Icon and find Steel Pipe Knife to craft it as we mention it inside the image below:

How to Craft Steel Pipe Knife in Undawn

To Craft Steel Pipe Knife you will need to have at least Character Level 10 and also need these materials down below:

Note: Click on the Material Name of each material to get full details on how to find it.

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