How to Get Common Flaxseed in Undawn

It's your first day in Undawn and you are now put on a task to Gather common flax to obtain common flaxseed. You walk around the map cluelessly scratching your head wondering what and where is a common flaxseed.

Yep, that's basically my first hour on Undawn. Well lucky for you, you don't have to be like me. With these 2 tips you will no longer struggle to get common Flaxseed anymore.

1. Find Green Leaf icon in Minimap

The first and most important tip that I can give you is to look at your minimap for Green Leaf icon. If you spot the Green leaf icon, you will guarantee to find the Common Flaxseed.

How to Spot Common Flaxseed in Undawn

Note: Common Flaxseed is only available to gather in Redwood Outpost Area.

2. Look for a Medium Size Plant

Now that you know how to spot a Common Flaxseed, it's time for you to actually find the Common Flaxseed yourself.

When you within the proximity of the green leaf icon, look around you and try to find a medium sized looking plant that usually has a mix of green and white leaf on top.

How to get Common Flaxseed in Undawn

That's where you can get the Common Flaxseed from. It's usually spawns next to trees.

When you get near the mentioned plant, you will be able to Gather the Common Flaxseed.

AND JUST LIKE THAT, you are now no longer struggling to find Common Flaxseed anymore. Cheers.