The Division Resurgence Gear Set Effect - Self Propelled Shield

In the Division Resurgence, each gear part has 1 Attribute. You'll receive the corresponding gear set effect when you equip 2/3/4 pieces with the same set Attributes.

Self-Propelled Shield Attributes

Self-Propelled Shield Effect Attribute | The Division Resurgence - zilliongamer

This is the Self-Propelled Shield set Attributes when you equip 2/3/4 pieces you will gain new effects as we list below:

  • Equip (2 Pieces): +14.0% Armor
  • Equip (3 Pieces): +5.4% Movement Speed
  • Equip (4 Pieces): +24.0% Health

Gear Name With Self-Propelled Shield Attributes

These are the gear name which has the same Self-Propelled Shield and only High-End & Superior Rarity of these gears will give up the Gear Set Effects.

Self-Propelled Shield Gear Set Attribute | The Division Resurgence - zilliongamer

  • T2 Half Mask Respirator - High-End & Superior
  • T2 Big Drum Body Armor - High-End & Superior
  • T2 Pivot Pads - High-End & Superior
  • T2 Roamer Pack Sow - High-End & Superior
  • T2 Gustavo Association Gloves - High-End & Superior
  • T2 Tepes Holster - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Breathe Easy Mask - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Phalanx Precision Vest - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Mesa Knee Guards - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Big Horn Pack - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Artemis Fast Draw Holster - High-End & Superior


This is just information that we can get from the regional Beta Test and we will add more information about the Self-Propelled Gear Set if there is any update inside the game.

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