The Division Resurgence Gear Set Effect - One Shot One Kill

In the Division Resurgence, each gear part has 1 set Attribute. You'll receive the corresponding gear set effect when you equip 2/3/4 gear pieces with the same set Attributes.

One Shot One Kill Set Attributes

One Shot One Kill Set Attribute Effect | The Division Resurgence - zilliongamer

This is the One Shot One Kill gear set attributes when you equip 2/3/4 pieces you'll gain new effects as we list below:

  • Equip (2 Pieces): +24.0% Accuracy
  • Equip (3 Pieces): +21.6% Headshot Damage
  • Equip (4 Pieces): +18.0% Firepower

Gear Name With One Shot One Kill Attributes

These are the gear name which has the same One Shot One Kill Gear Attributes and only High-End & Superior Rarity of these gears will give you the Gear Set Effects.

One Shot One Kill Set List | The Division Resurgence - zilliongamer

  • T2 Combat Mask Cete - High-End & Superior
  • T2 X-TREYME Pro Ribcage - High-End & Superior
  • T2 Knaskydd Knee Protectors -  High-End & Superior
  • T2 All Hazards Nitro Backpack -  High-End & Superior
  • T2 Nightclaw Tactical Gloves -  High-End & Superior
  • T2 Fodral Holster - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Bevor Air Guard - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Flimsy Body Armor v1 -  High-End & Superior
  • T1 Stonewall Knee Pads - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Rally Point Secure Pack - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Micro Plated Gloves - High-End & Superior
  • T1 Serviceman's Holster - High-End & Superior


This is just information that we can get from the regional Beta Test and we will add more information about the One Shot One Kill Gear Set Effect if there is any update inside the game.

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