Call of Duty Mobile Characters List

Find all characters that available to get in COD Mobile here!

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Spectre - Geist

COD Mobile Character skin: Spectre Geist - zilliongamer

Muted Mercenary Bundle

Ruin Industrial Revolution

COD Mobile Character skin: Ruin Industrial Revolution - zilliongamer

Reach Master 2 in BR Rank Season 5


COD Mobile Character skin: Reaper - zilliongamer

Tier 1 Season 5 Premium Battle Pass

David Mason

COD Mobile Character skin: David Mason - zilliongamer

Tier 12 Season 5 Premium Battle Pass

Sentinel Recon

COD Mobile Character skin: Sentinel Recon - zilliongamer

Color Spectrum Draw

Ruin Spades

COD Mobile Character skin: Ruin Spades - zilliongamer

The Burnout Bundle

Death Angel Alice

COD Mobile Character skin: Death Angel Alice - zilliongamer

Death Angel Alice Soldier Crate


COD Mobile Character skin: Park - zilliongamer

Park Soldier Crate

Soap MacTavish

COD Mobile Character skin: Soap MacTavish - zilliongamer

Battle Pass Season 4 Premium Tier 1

Urban Tracker

COD Mobile Character skin: Urban Tracker - zilliongamer

Battle Pass Season 4 Premium Tier 12

Firebreak - Carat Thief

COD Mobile Character skin: Firebreak - Carat Thief - zilliongamer

Carat Thief Draw

Prophet - Mantis

COD Mobile Character skin: Prophet - Mantis - zilliongamer

Prophet - Mantis Soldier Crate

Battery - Valentine

COD Mobile Character skin: Battery - Valentine - zilliongamer

Valentine Lucky Draw

Tian Zhao

COD Mobile Character skin: Tian Zhao - zilliongamer

Tian Zhao Soldier Crate

Seraph - Freak Show

COD Mobile Character skin: Seraph - Freak Show - zilliongamer

Crimson Rush Draw

Special Ops 3 - Arctic

COD Mobile Character skin: Special Ops 3 - Arctic - zilliongamer

Exchange 16 Holiday Knot


COD Mobile Character skin: Phantom - zilliongamer

Battle Pass Season 3 Premium Tier 1

Scarlet Kingsnake

COD Mobile Character skin: Special Ops 1Scarlet Kingsnake - zilliongamer

Limited Time Offer


COD Mobile Character skin: FTL - zilliongamer

Battle Pass Season3 Premium Tier 12

Merc 5 Yellow Snake

COD Mobile Character skin: Merc 5 Yellow Snake - zilliongamer

Reach Master 2 in BR Rank Season 3

Outrider - Arctic

COD Mobile character: Outrider Arctic - zilliongamer

Get Outrider - Arctic for free.

Prophet Archangel

COD Mobile character: Prophet Archangel - zilliongamer

Season 3 Daily Crate

Spectre - U.L.T.R.A 9

COD Mobile character: Spectre - U.L.T.R.A 9 - zilliongamer

Dream Crystal Draw

Nomad - Garden

COD Mobile character: Normad - Garden - zilliongamer

Holiday Draw


COD Mobile character: Gaz - zilliongamer

Gaz Soldier Crate

Special Ops 4

COD Mobile character: Special Ops 4 - zilliongamer

Pre-launch Open Beta Battle Royal Rank Master1.

Name: Alex Mason

COD Mobile character: Alex Mason

Battle Pass Season 2 Premium Tier 1.

Name: Ruin - Jade

COD Mobile character: Ruin - Jade

Battle Pass Season 2 Premium Tier 25.

Name: Ghost - Stealth

COD Mobile character: Ghost - Stealth

Ghost Soldier Crate

Name: Merc 5

COD Mobile character: Merc 5

Ghost Soldier Crate

Name: Ghost

COD Mobile character: Ghost

Battle Pass season 1 premium level 1.

Name: Elite PMC

COD Mobile character: Elite PMC

840 COD Points

Name: Prophet

COD Mobile character: Prophet

Prophet Soldier crate

Name: Merc 1

COD Mobile character: Merc 1

Prophet Soldier crate

Name: Terrance Brooks

COD Mobile character: Terrance Brooks

Daily Crate 1

Name: Scout 2

COD Mobile character: Scout 2


Name: Special Ops 1

COD Mobile character: Special Ops 1


Name: Special Ops 3

COD Mobile character: Special Ops 3


Name: Special Ops 5

COD Mobile character: Special Ops 5

New Player Log in Day 7

Name: Battery Demolations

COD Mobile character: Battery Demolations

Battery Solider Crate

Ruin - Jungle

COD Mobile character: Ruin Jungle

Limited Time Offer (5$)

Outrider - Skeleton

COD Mobile character: Outrider - Skeleton

Halloween Lucky Draw


COD Mobile character: John Price

John Price Soldier Crate

Battery Sting

COD Mobile character: Battery Sting

Cosmos Chance

Prophet - High Voltage

COD Mobile character: Prophet - High Voltage

Prophet Soldier Crate


COD Mobile character: Police

Daily Crate

Battery - Torque

COD Mobile character: Battery - Torque

Battery - Torque Black Friday Crate

Lev Kravchenko

COD Mobile character: Lev Kravchenko

Fearless - Soldier Crate

Ghost - Plasma

COD Mobile character: Ghost - Plasma - zilliongamer

Ghost Plasma Soldier Crate

Tank Dempsey

COD Mobile character: Tank Dempsey - zilliongamer

Collect 100 Shards in Zombie Mode

Special Ops 3 - Winter

COD Mobile character: Special Ops 3 Winter - zilliongamer

Limited Time Offer


COD Mobile character: Captain - zilliongamer

Limited Time Offer

Merc 2

COD Mobile character: Merc 2 - zilliongamer

Reach Master 2 in Battle Royale Rank

Special Ops 2

COD Mobile character: Special Ops 2 - zilliongamer

Reach Master 1 in Battle Royal Rank (Season 1)

Character is how the enemy see you in-game, you can equip character that you have in your own loadout. If you want to see your own character try using emote or play Battle Royale third person perspective.

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7 CommentsZilliongamer
  • Shinigam1

    commended 2019-12-18

    Tank Dempsey - from Zombie Mode, collect 100 shards
    • Shinigam1

      commended 2019-12-18

      Spec Ops 3 Winter (rare) - Event QuestCaptain (rare) - Limited Time Offer
    • Ratanak

      commended 2019-12-18

      Thank you for telling, I could find Spec Ops3 Winter and Event QuestCaption, If you have it in your loadout would you mind sharing it with us?
    • Shinigam1

      commended 2020-01-04

      Sorry for the late reply.Here's "Spec Ops 3 - Winter"
    • Shinigam1

      commended 2020-01-04

      Event Quest "Captain" it from
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-01-04

      Hi Shingam1! Thank you very much for sharing it. I really appriciate it :)
    • Shinigam1

      commended 2020-01-04

      Captain (Full Body):
  • Hector Lamas
    Hector Lamas

    commended 2019-12-30

    There is a skin missing.. it looks like the special ops 3 skin except the outfit is blue. This comment section doesn't allow for photos but u can check it out here:
    • Ratanak

      commended 2019-12-31

      Hi Hector Lamas!. That's right that there is a similar-looking skin of special ops 3 but I couldn't find it anywhere.
  • Hector Lamas
    Hector Lamas

    commended 2019-12-30

    I posted a pic of the spec ops 3 winter skin on my instagram page, check it out:
  • Shinigam1

    commended 2020-01-04

    There's a Merc 2 (Season 2 BR Rank Master II) someone can share the full body image of it.
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-01-04

      Hi Shinigam1! Unfortunately I don't play Battle Royale that much so Master 2 will take me a while if i have enough time.
    • Shinigam1

      commended 2020-01-04

      Lol. I can’t reached even when I played daily. Meanwhile I’ll try to google for it once a while. Hopefully can get. P.S. Your list is considered one of the most complete one if not the most. Great job there!
    • Shinigam1

      commended 2020-01-04

      Merc 2 (Season 2 BR Master 2):
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-01-05

      Thank you! I'll keep updating the list once cod mobile adds new characters.
  • Shinigam1

    commended 2020-01-04

    Spec Ops 2 (Season 1 BR Master 1):
  • Shinigam1

    commended 2020-01-04

    Spec Ops 4 (Pre-launch Open Beta BR Master 1):

    commended 3 days ago

    add ruin - industrial revolution and special ops 3 - malware
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