How To Get Lev Kravchenko in COD Mobile For Free

Find out how to get Lev Kravchenko Tin Stitched in COD Mobile Season 7 for free here.

To unlock Lev Kravchenko Tin Stichted you need to complete each task step by step and the tasks can be found in Seasonal event name Highlight Reel.

1. Use Predator Missile 5 Times

Equip Predator Missile in your scorestreak, and use it for 5 times to pass step 1.

Get Lev Kravchenko Step 1 | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

This task can only be done in multiplayer matches.

2. Capture 10 Hardpoint

Play Hardpoint gamemode and try to capture the hardpoint10 times to pass step 2.

Get Lev Kravchenko Step 2 | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

This task can be completed by playing several hardpoint matches.

3. Kill 10 Enemies with Headshots

Play any Multiplayer matches and get 10 headshots kills to pass step 3.

Get Lev Kravchenko Step 3 | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Use sniper or AK-47 for a better chance of headshot kills.

4. Kill 10 enemies with Arctic.50

Use Arctic.50 sniper rifle with no attachments to kill 10 enemies with headshots only.

Get Lev Kravchenko Step 4 | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Make sure to not equipped any attachments or the kill will not be counted.

5. Kill 15 Enemies Without Dying

Unlock Lev Kravchenko - Tin Stitched by kill 15 enemies in MP matches without dying.

Get Lev Kravchenko Step 5 | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Play more passive and track for kills after kills without getting the enemy attention. Use Ghost perk and silencer on your gun to complete this task easier.


In conclusion, You will need to complete 5 tasks in Highlight reel seasonal quest to get free character Lev Kravchenko - Tin Stitched.