How to get Holiday Knot Fast in COD Mobile Lunar Festival

COD Mobile newest event the Lunar Festival featured cool rewards to get for free by exchanging the holiday knot. Find out how to get holiday knot faster here.

What is Holiday Knot? How to get it?

COD Mobile Lunar Festival Holiday Knot - zilliongamer

Holiday knot is an item that you use to exchange the rewards in the lunar festival exchange center, some rewards will require a lot of holiday knots.

In order to get the holiday knot you need to complete some tasks, those tasks can be find in lunar festival challenge, celebration, and battle field.

How to get Holiday Knot Fast?

The total of Holiday knot that you can get is 66 those mean that after you completed all the task in the event.

So, in order to get the holiday knot faster you will need to play 20 to 30 of any matches and try to kill 400 enemies then you will get 24 holiday knots.

Send XP cards to friends 18 times to get the other 42 holiday knots. (XP Cards gift limited to 5 per days). So you will need 4 days to complete this task.

The only methods that you can get the Holiday Knot fast is to play a lot of match and kill a lot of enemy.

Lunar Festival Rewards List - What reward should you get?

COD Mobile Lunar Festival Rewards List - zilliongamer

There are 5 rewards that you can get in this festival such as:


1 holiday knots = 100 Credits. You can exchange 30 times.

Fearless Soldier Crate

1 holiday knots = 1 Crate. You can exchange 10 creates.

AK-47 Gridiron Football

To exchange AK47 Gridiron football you will need 15 holiday knots.

Special Ops 3 Arctic

To exchange Special Ops 3 Arctic you will need 16 holiday knots.

LK24 Lunar New Year

To get LK24 Lunar New Year you will need 30 holiday knots.

Try to save for the 3 main rewards first then the rest of holiday knot you can exchange for credits or fearless soldier crate for a chance of Lev Kravenchko character.


The Lunar Festival is a limited time mode that allows you to get a lot of good rewards for free, however you will need to grind a little bit to claim it before the expire event time.