Arena Breakout Season 2 New Weapons | Update News

Season 2 is set to release on October 27th 2023. Here are all the newest weapons that are going to come in Arena Breakout.

AEK Assault Rifle

AEK is an assault rifle in Arena Breakout that incorporates a balanced rotating closed-bolt system for greater stability during full-auto sprays that use 7.62x39mm ammo type.

Arena Breakout AEK Assault Rifle

Credit: Arena Breakout

The AEK assault rifle performs very well for close to medium range gunfight, it's the newest AR that will be added in Season 2.

DP-12 Shotgun

The DP-12 Pump-action shotgun adopts a bullpup design and compact structure. Ammunition is fed in via two independent barrels, supporting rapid double-shots using 12x70mm ammo type.

Arena Breakout DP-12 Shotgun

Credit: Arena Breakout

When it comes to shotguns, we all know their prime range is close quarter gunfight and it's also applied to the DP-12 as well.

M300 Revolver

The M300 Revolver has a simple structure, and its barrel can be adjusted and replaced as needed. As this weapon uses high-caliber ammo. It has fairly significant recoil that uses 7.62x54mm ammo type.

Arena Breakout M300 Revolver

Credit: Arena Breakout

A new sidearm will also be added to Season 2 as well, rounding up the pistol list up to twelve pistols.


In short, Make sure you save up your Koen enough, when October 27th come, you will be able to afford these three weapons quicker than anybody.