Worgen Talents, Stats, & Traits

Worgen is a mini in Warcraft Rumble  with alliance role that great for stealth attack and good for countering Ranged enemies. This mini cost 3 gold to deploy into the battle field.

Find Worgen best talent, stats, and traits here.

Best Worgen Talents

Get to know all Worgen talents here and find the best talent for this mini that you should use or upgrade here.

Ability List

Best Talent: Premeditation

Increase Ambush damage by 50%.

This is the best talent for Worgen because it make this mini extremely powerful with the first attack so it's very easy to destroy ranged enemies with low health.

Best Worgen Talents | Warcraft Rumble

Lone Wolf

On deploy, grant +1 gold if no allies are nearby.


On kill, gain Bloodlust for 10 seconds.

Bloodlust: Units gain +33% movement and attack speed.


Note: This is a base level stats of Worgen.

Attack Speed0.8

Worgen is a stealthy predator assassinates annoying Ranged units. Play him anywhere and tear their support apart!

To effectively counter Worgen, you need mini that can be deploys anywhere or flying mini such as Harpies, Whelp Eggs, Skeleton Party, and more.



Invisible to enemies until it attacks or is damaged.


Double damage when attacking from Stealth.


Can be played anywhere on the map.

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