Thunderous Armor Skin

PUBG Mobile skin: Thunderous armor and Thunderous mask are now increasing the chance for you to get. You can get this skin from the Classic crate.

You can preview the skin here first before deciding to get it or not. The full combo of the skin requires both Thunderous armor and a Thunderous mask.

Here is the preview of the skin both Thunderous armor and Thunderous mask for both character.

Front Back
Thunderous Armor Skin Male Front.Thunderous Armor Skin Male Back.
Thunderous Armor Skin Female Front.Thunderous Armor Skin Female Back.

The thunderous armor skin condition is Legendary. But during this 40hours period, you will have more chance to get the skin because of the increased chance event that PUBG Mobile assigned for the skin.

Unlock the thunderous armor skin by opening the Classic crate, there is no guaranteed for the result so open at your own risk.