Lord Of The Sea Set

Welcome to PUBG MOBILE Skin showcase and preview. The new skin for the new event name Lord of the sea is now available for players to get. Including a brand new backpack skin name Sailing ape as well.

Skin period: 24, August 2019 to 11, September 2019. Get a chance to get the skin now before it expired.

Skin Preview

Here's is how the skin looks like in-game for both character front and back view:

Lord of the sea outfit
Lord Of The Sea Male Front | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamerFront viewLord Of The Sea Female Front | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamerFront view
Lord Of The Sea Male Back | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamerBack viewLord Of The Sea Female Back | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamerBack view

Sailing Ape Backpack

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Sailing Ape Backpack Level 1 | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamerSailing Ape Backpack Level 2 | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamerSailing Ape Backpack Level 3 | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

How To Get Lord Of The Sea Outfit And Backpack Skin?

Lord of the sea outfit and backpack skin is available in the latest lucky spin event that you can play to get the rewards.

Lord Of The Sea Lucky Spin | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

  • Spend UC to play this Lucky spin for a random reward.
  • The first single draw of the day only cost 10UC.
  • Play for a number of times to receive a reward.
  • Exchange lucky coins for rare items at the shop.
  • Exchange ends with the event. so please don't forget to use them.

Note: The backpack will be redeemed by the lucky coin that you get from the lucky spin. The lucky coin can redeem a lot of rewards. To redeem the reward you can look at the image down below.

Lord Of The Sea Lucky Spin Reward list | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

Here is the exchange item list that can be unlock by lucky coins that you get from lucky spin.

Lord Of The Sea Exchange list | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

The sailing ape backpack cost 300 lucky coins to exchange.

Skin Price & Odds

The skin is only available in the lucky spin so the price will be calculated as the draw price.

Lucky spin UCPrice
1 draw601 USD

Items Odds

  • Mythic Item 0.2%
  • Legendary Item 3.2%
  • Epic Item 62.6%

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