Godzilla Suit

Here you can preview the skin of Godzilla Suit and find out how to get this skin before it expired.

Preview the skin - Godzilla Suit in PUBG MOBILE from front to back here.

Get a chance to get the skin for yourself before it expired.

Expired date: 30.6.2019.

Skin Showcase & Preview

Here's how the skin looks like in-game both Front and Back view.

Godzilla Suit
Front View of Godzilla Suit in PUBG MOBILE.Back View of Godzilla Suit in PUBG MOBILE.
Front ViewBack View

How to get the Godzilla Suit?

This skin is available in PUBG Premium Crate. You will need to test your luck opening crate to get Godzilla Suit. 

Godzilla Suit Crate in PUBG MOBILE.

The Crate guaranteed to drop a legendary item during the first 10 draws.

Skin Price

Since the skin is only available in the Crate the price will calculate as the crate price.

Crate NamePrice
PUBG Premium Crate120UC  = 2$

Crate Odds

  • Mythic Item 0.5%
  • Legendary Item 3%
  • Epic Item 21.5%