PUBG MOBILE x GODZILLA Limited time skin

Here you can preview the skin of Godzilla and Ghidorah and understand how you can get these skins.

Preview Godzilla and Ghidora skins here.

Get a chance to get these skins for yourself and embrace the Godzilla theme in-game. There are 2 skins for this pack. 

This limited time skin lasts 19 days.  From 2019.6.1 to 2019.6.19.

Skin Showcase & Preview

Get an attire fit for a king! Celebrate the PUBG MOBILE x Godzilla: King of the Monsters collaboration with amazing outfits.

Godzilla Skin Image in PUBG MOBILEGodzilla Skin Image 2 in PUBG MOBILE

Here's how these 2 skins look like in-game.

Godzilla's CarapaceGhidorah's Carapace
Front view of Godzilla skin in PUBG MOBILE.Front viewFront view of Ghidrah skin in PUBG MOBILE.Front view
Back view of Godzilla skin in PUBG MOBILE.Back viewBack view of Ghidorah skin in PUBG MOBILE.Back view

How to get the Godzilla skin?

This skin is from Events. You need to play the Lucky Spin to get the skin. 

Get Godzilla skin via Lucky Spin in PUBG MOBILE

Event Rules

  • During the event, tap Draw to get an item from the prize pool.
  • The first single draw each day only cost 10UC.
  • Get a reward after playing a certain number of times.
  • Select one of the two outfits with a Godzilla Choice Card.

Watch the video of Godzilla Skin