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  • P92


    Date : 2019-02-08 By : Ratanak
    P92 - PUBG MOBILE. P92 is a semi-automatic pistol that fires 9mm rounds with 7 bullet per mag. It is commonly use in early game. Work great against no vest or helmet enemies. P92 is flawless when attaching all the attachment.
  • P1911


    Date : 2019-02-08 By : Ratanak
    P1911 - PUBG MOBILE. P1911 is a semi-automatic pistol that fires .45 ACP rounds with 7 bullets per mag. P1911 is similar to P92 but is more powerful in term of range and more accurate.
  • R1895


    Date : 2019-02-11 By : Ratanak
    R1895 - PUBG MOBILE. R1895 fires 7.62mm rounds with 7 bullets per mag. This pistol is very powerful but has a heavy recoil. Scope, Foregrip and Mag is un-attachable.
  • R45


    Date : 2019-02-11 By : Ratanak
    R45 - PUBG MOBILE. R45 fires .45 ACP rounds with 6 bullets per mag. R45 is a powerful revolver that deal high damage and accurate in close range and fast reload. R45 can only obtained in Miramar, Sanhok , and Vikendi.
  • P18C


    Date : 2019-02-11 By : Ratanak
    P18C - PUBG MOBILE. P18C fires 9mm rounds with 17 bullets per mag. There are single fire and full auto mode for this pistol. Fast fire rate but deal low damage in any range.
  • Sawed off

    Sawed off

    Date : 2019-02-11 By : Ratanak
    Sawed-off - PUBG MOBILE. Sawed-off fires 12 Gague with 2 bullets per mag. Sawed-off is a really good alternative weapons for close range. Deal High damage and fast double fire.
  • Flare Gun

    Flare Gun

    Date : 2019-02-11 By : Ratanak
    Flare Gun - PUBG MOBILE. Flare Gun fires Flare towards the sky while standing in the white circle to call in an air drop full of items. outside the white circle to get an Armored UAZ. Always make sure it is aim toward the sky.
  • Skorpion


    Date : 2019-06-05 By : Ratanak
    Skorpion - A portable machine pistol that fires 9mm rounds with a full-auto mode. The magazine can be expanded to hold 40 rounds. It can also be equipped with stocks and grips.