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DP-28 | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer


DP-28 fires 7.62mm rounds with 43 bullets per Mag.

You can obtained this weapon only from Erangle Ground loots.

DP-28 only has full auto mode.

DP-28 is an Erangle exclusive light machine gun that has a large magazine able to put over 40 bullets, the weapon doesn't required any attachment beside scopes. It is an adaptive weapon that can shoot at any range.


DP-28 | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

Weapon Stats

Ammo:7.62mm rounds
Firing mode:Full Auto
Spawn map:Erangle
Spawn rate:Ground Loots

Damage Stats

Rate of fire:0.109s
Reload Duration:5.5s

Attachment Compatible

♦M249 can only attach Scope.


Red Dot Sight
Red Dot Sight | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

Holographic Sight
Holographic Sight | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

2x Scope
2x Scope | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

3x Scope
3x Scope | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

4x Scope
4x Scope | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

6x Scope
6x Scope | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

There are 6 scopes attachment that can attach with DP-28.

Best Loadout

DP-28 Best Loadout | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

In other to get the best loadout of DP-28 you only need to attach this weapon with scope. 

In this case because of DP-28 is scope only attachable you can attach any scope from Red Dot Sight to 6x scope depend on the range of your combat.

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