PUBG Mobile Weapon Ranking

Find out which is the best guns to use in PUBG Mobile and the bad guns to avoid here!

MUST-READ: This ranking is NOT OFFICIAL, It is sorted by each weapon's versatility and time to kill (TTK).

*Airdrop weapons are not included since it is hard to find.

Assault Rifles



PUBG Mobile Weapon Ranking: M762 - zilliongamer

Time To Kill: 0.086

As a lot of PUBG Mobile players said "M762 is the king of Assault Rifles", well it is true because this gun has good damage, fast fire rate, and very accurate to use in close to middle range. M762 also has 3 fire modes single, burst, and auto which is extremely helpful in any situation.


Mk47 Mutant

PUBG Mobile Weapon Ranking: Mk47 Mutant - zilliongamer

Time To Kill: 0.100

The reason that Mk47 Mutant is a bad weapon to use because this weapon has slow bullet speed, no full auto mode and it isn't deal that high amount of damage at long range even though it is compatible with long-range fire. The burst fire mode of Mk47 is slow and inaccurate. 

Sniper Rifles



PUBG Mobile Weapon Ranking: M24 - zilliongamer

Time To Kill: 0.001

Since the update that spawns M24 on ground loot, this gun is considered as the best sniper rifle with the highest bullet speed travel and crazy accurate and the time to kill is almost instant after fire. The best thing about M24 is if an enemy has a level 2 helmet it will pierce through easily.



PUBG Mobile Weapon Ranking: Win94 - zilliongamer

Time To Kill: 0.600

Win94 is a fun weapon to use but if you planning on using this gun as your main sniper I suggest not to. Win94 cannot attach with any scope and has low damage which takes up to 2 headshots to kill an enemy. 

Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)



PUBG Mobile Weapon Ranking: SLR - zilliongamer

Time To Kill: 0.100

When you get hit with SLR it's it hit like a truck because the amount of damage it can deliver is really high. This gun has a high rate of fire, extremely accurate in any range. You only need a cheek pad for this bad boy and you are ready to go.



PUBG Mobile Weapon Ranking: VSS- zilliongamer

Time To Kill: 0.171

VSS has low damage and high bullet drop which is bad for the long-range fight against another DMR especially if an enemy has high tier vest or helmet. 

Submachine Gun (SMG)



PUBG Mobile Weapon Ranking: Vector - zilliongamer

Time To Kill: 0.164

Vector is the GROZA of a submachine gun. This gun has a very fast fire rate which makes the time to kill extremely low, easily considered as one of the best close-range gun to use.


Thompson SMG

PUBG Mobile Weapon Ranking: Thompson - zilliongamer

Time To Kill: 0.171

Thompson SMG or Tommy gun is the least used weapon in PUBG Mobile. This gun can't attach any scopes and has high recoil when firing makes it almost impossible to hit an enemy at medium range.


Light machine gun (LMG) and shotgun are not included because it has similar TTK and gun versatility.