How To Hit More Shot With Sniper Rifle In PUBG MOBILE

Sniper Rifle is known as a high power bolt action rifle in any games. Here in PUBG MOBILE, it is a rare rifle that once you find it you can't walk past and not picking it up. With high power and fast bullet travel once you fire the enemies will know exactly what weapon they are up against. But not every player knows how to use it properly and accurately.

Guides To Become A Better Sniper

Here is a complete sniper rifle guide that helps you to become a better sniper after going through all the steps.

Know Your Enemy Range

In real life or movie, you'll always see a sniper proning close to a range finder operating by 2 different people. In PUBG MOBILE it is all rely on yourself both finding range and firing the weapon. It is important to know the range cause once you figure it out the progress of aiming is becoming easier.

Range finding might be hard and complicated at first but later you will get used to it. To find your enemy range you need to use maps to locate and pin on the structure that your enemy is standing then starting counting the square. 

This method applies to any maps in PUBG MOBILE. In Map, you will see the square divided into 2: Big square and Small square.

  • Big square = 1000 Meters.
  • Small square = 100 Meters.
  • 10 Small square = 1 Big square.


Using Maps to locate enemy position.

After knowing your enemy range is where to place your crosshair and it also depends on which scope you are using as well.

Aim Placement - 4x, 6x, & 8x

 I only pick these 3 scopes because it is a true sniper scope that projectile accurately from middle to long-range.

From 100 meters to 200 meters you can place the scope directly on the enemy head and bullet will hit directly where your aim. 

After 200 meters you will need to adjust your aim a little bit higher from the enemy head and the bullet will drop depending on the range and sniper types.

Aiming above the head a little will guarantee hit due to the bullet drop but sometime the bullet will hit neck or shoulder instead of the head. This requires a lot of practice to perfect the aim.

This method applies to all the scope I suggest above.

Tips To Become A Better Sniper In PUBG Mobile

Here are some tips that can help you to improve your mistake when using a sniper rifle.

Position & Decision

Some snipers can already shoot perfectly but are weak at positioning and decision shooting, once they fire the shot they will get pin down immediately. To avoid that you will need to find a good position that your enemy or other player didn't expect. If you missed your shot moves immediately out of that spot and try to find another position or angle to confuse your enemy.

Be Patient - Calm & Collected

Do not rush to shoot your enemy, be patient and wait for them to stand still, crouch, prone, or healing. Hitting moving target with a sniper is hard even you hit you won't get to kill them with that shot so try to wait for the best chance.

Weapon Placement 

Use a sniper rifle as your secondary weapon when you have it. Most players make mistake holding their sniper as a primary weapon and when facing surprise enemy they have no choice but to switch the weapon or fire 1 sniper shot that is inaccurate in that short amount of time and gets killed by the enemy.

Sniper VS Sniper - What To Do?

Do not repeek with another sniper enemy. Once you run into your enemy with sniper and you both missed the first shot try not to repeek and throw down smoke grenade and start making rotation instead to avoid the chance of getting killed.

Author's Conclusion

To become better with sniper rife you will need to practice a lot of time. Once you get used to it you will know the value of this weapon. I personally like any type of sniper rifle because of the power of one shot one kill level 2 helmet and that is just fascinating when hitting headshots.

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