Parachute explanation

Parachute Explanation

In PUBG MOBILE, Starter Airplane and Parachute is the only thing that make you reach your destination from air to land. Learning How to maintance parachute speed is really important, You can go down faster or you can fly longer it's all depend on how you maintance it. 

Air speed bar explanation

Air speed bar located on the right of your screen, the bar show how fast you going either dropping down or stay on the sky longer. The default that you will get after dropping from airplane is 116km/h.

Default Speed

Drop down faster

Learning this step is important for a hot drop or when you stuck in a situation of challenge your enemies for house. The faster you drop the better time you'll get a chance to get a loots first.

In other to drop down faster you have to drag your movement button up. 

Drag Button

Drag the right side of your screen downward.

Drag Down

Notice the speed change, In other to drop down fast your speed must be 234km/h.

Go Down Faster

Stay on the sky longer

This technique will help you extend your parachute time longer on the sky and make you reach your far destination, This is important for those who like to play as low risk in early game.

The Default speed after dropping from airplane is 116km/h. That dosen't mean you can't go up then that.

In other to stay on the sky longer you have to maintance your speed to 126km/h and alway make sure your character move to front or else you won't go anywhere but stay on the sky without any movement.

In other to stay longer on the sky you also need to drag the movement button up.

Drag Button

Drag the right side of your screen upward in other to balance your diving.

drag up

Notich the speed change from default to 126km/h. 

stay on sky longer

Drop down faster after releasing the parachute

Notice the air speed bar after you drop, when the indicator point into the white zone of the bar that's mean that the parachute will be auto released but it dosen't mean that you are already on the ground, you still have some high on the air, so in other to reach the land quickly you have to 

Drag the movement button up.

Drag Button

Drag the right of the screen downward.

Drag Down

Notice the speed, 63km/h is the faster speed you can go down.

Drop down faster after releasing parachute

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