Allain Build and Guide

In Honor of Kings Allain's strength lies in his adaptability. He can be a terrifying assassin, a durable bruiser, or a master duelist. Discover how to customize Allain's build to perfectly suit your playstyle and crush the opposition with ease.

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Alain Best Arcana

Honor of Kings Red Arcana: CalamityCalamity x10Honor of Kings Blue Arcana: ReaverReaver x5Honor of Kings Blue Arcana: HuntHunt x5Honor of Kings Green Arcana: VacuityVacuity x10

Allain Ability Summary

Here's a summary of Allain passive and all abilities in Honor of Kings:

Howling Blade (Passive)

  • Fast attack speed with mixed physical and magic damage hits.
  • Third attack is true damage.
  • Rage stacks grant penetration, damage reduction, and powerful on-demand healing.
  • Note: Lifesteal and orb effects are reduced.

Meteor Kill (Skill 1)

  • Leap with magic and physical damage, plus knock-up.
  • Adds attacks based on existing mark stacks.

Moonlight Flash (Skill 2)

  • Dash with physical and magic damage, enemy slow, and self-speed boost.
  • Bonus attack speed on the following three regular attacks.
  • Can store up to two charges.

Death at Sunset (Ultimate)

  • Brief untargetability, then slam for physical and magic damage (stronger if the enemy's closer).
  • Hitting enemies grants marks and rage.
  • Shield for allies/self depending on the target.

Allain Combo Breakdown

  1. Initiate with Surprise: Start with "Death at Sunset" (your ultimate) to leap onto the enemy, dealing damage and making yourself untargetable for a short time. This surprises them and puts you right in their face.

  2. Chase and Attack: Immediately follow up with "Moonlight Flash" to dash through or around the enemy and hit them twice with fast normal attacks.

  3. Speed Burst Combo: Hit them twice more with normal attacks, then use "Moonlight Flash" again for another burst of speed and damage.

  4. Finish Strong: Use "Meteor Kill" to knock them up into the air and unleash a powerful finishing blow!

How to play Allain in Honor of Kings

Here's how to effectively play Allain in Honor of Kings:

  • Stop and Go: If an enemy gets out of range of your "Meteor Kill" (skill 1), quickly use "Moonlight Flash" (skill 2) or your ultimate (skill 3) to interrupt the ability and keep them close.

  • Dance Around Yalian: Don't fight Yalian head-on for too long. Keep your distance and poke at him with attacks and abilities instead.

  • Initiate and Burst: Use your ultimate ("Death at Sunset") to either start a fight unexpectedly or dodge a big enemy attack. Then, follow up with "Moonlight Flash" for the attack speed boost and quickly stack up "Meteor Kill" hits for a devastating finisher.

  • Interrupt for Control: Remember, you can stop the animation of "Meteor Kill" with your other skills to control the fight.

  • Rage = Comeback: When your rage is full, you get a big heal. Use this to your advantage to surprise enemies who think they have you beat!

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