Rapacious Bite Recipe, Stats, & Passive

Rapacious Bite is an advanced Jungling item that Boost Physical Attack when you killed monster. Find Rapacious recipe, stats, and passive here

Note: This item requires Smite to purchase and it's highly recommend for Jungler only.


To buy Rapacious Bite you need a combination of Relentless Blade, Thunderclap Brand, and Lance of Swiftness. This item cost 2,160 gold in the latest season.

Rapacious Bite | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerRapacious Bite
Relentless Blade | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerRelentless BladeThunderclap Brand | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerThunderclap BrandLance of Swiftness | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerLance of Swiftness
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When building Rapacious Bite you need to get Relentless Blade first then it's up to what your hero need most, if you want a little cooldown reduction mix with physical attack you can get Lance of Swiftness first.

However, you can get Thunderclap Brand after Relentless Blade to get that raw Physical attack.

Stats & Passive

Rapacious Blade can provide benefit your character such as:

  • +90 Physical Attack.
  • +5% Cooldown Reduction.
  • +8% Movement Speed.

This item has two passive call:

Passive - Hunter

When a Basic Attack or s a skill hits a monster, it takes 90 + 60 extra physical damage every 0.5 seconds for 2 seconds (heroes only take 20% damage, applies only to melee heroes).

Passive - Reward

Grants 3 Physical Attack and 0.2% Cooldown Reduction to its wielder when they or a teammate within a range of 700 units kills a monster, for up to 25 stacks.

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