Giant's Grip Recipe, Stats, & Passive

Giant's Grip is an advanced Jungling item that Boost Health point when you killed monster. Find Giant's Grip recipe, stats, and passive here.

Note: This item requires Smite to purchase and it's highly recommend for Jungler only.


To buy Giant's Grip you need a combination of Patrol Axe, Resilient Agate, and Cuirass of Swiftness. This item cost 2,160 gold in the latest season.

Giant's Grip | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerGiant's Grip
Patrol Axe | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerPatrol AxeResilient Agate | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerResilient AgateResilient Agate | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerCuirass of Swiftness
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When building Giant's Grip you need to get Patrol Axe fist then you need to look at what your hero need first.

If you need Max Health first, you can get Resilient Agate after Patrol Axe.

However, if you want a mix of Health and Cooldown Reduction first you can get Cuirass of Swiftness first.

Stats & Passive

Giant's Grip can provide benefit to your character such as:

  • +5% Cooldown Reduction.
  • +1,200 Max Health.
  • +6% Movement Speed.

This item has two passive call:

Passive - Hunter

When a Basic Attack or a skill hits a monster, it takes 75 + 5% extra true damage every 0.5 seconds for 2 seconds (heroes only take 20% damage).

Passive - Reward

Increases your Max Health by 30 and Cooldown Reduction by 0.2% whenever you or your teammate within a range of 700 units kills a monster, for up to 25 stacks.

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